SOL: Fear of Flying

We’re traveling to New York right now from Washington state and its a long trip. 

My whole life I have been terrified of flying to the point that I was takin Xanax that I borrowed from friends to get on planes. Alcohol didn’t work, Valium didn’t work. Nothing could take away my fear of flying and thinking we were going to crash and die. 

Until I started traveling with my daughter. 

Now my main concern is, will she sit in on my lap? Will she kick the persons seat in front of me? Will I have to stand the whole time if I stupidly choose not to buy her a seat(#reallife)   Will she sleep? Will the person next to me hate their life? 

All of these things take up my nervousness with finding answers to these questions. 

It’s the craziest thing because I have never been able to kick this anxiety from flying and all of a sudden I have someone else to worry about and it takes over my anxiety. 

So my answer to fear of flying is have a kid and fly with them! 


7 thoughts on “SOL: Fear of Flying

  1. Hope your flight was on time and stress free. I love being around kids on flights, but realize that I’m the exception rather than the rule. It’s a long trip from WA to NY!


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