Classroom Decorating Day 1

I really went in to drop off crates …..and instead set up the basics in my classroom. 

Those are my flexible seating I am going to have that one table lowered and they will sit on the bath rugs ($5 big lots) and the big pillow (10$ big lots) as their seats!

I love love love my work space! 

The crate seats we made them today and they were super easy to make. I bought 2 yards of fabric at Walmart (7$) and one foam to put as the cushion(15$). I bought all the crates at big lots for 3$ each 

Then I went to Home Depot and I got the plywood measured to fit the crates (12$) and they cut 6 of them for me for free! 

We then used a staple gun to put the cushion under the fabric and attach it to the plywood and it fit perfectly on top of the crate. 

Super easy to make and they look really cute ! 


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