SOL: A Little Moment of Joy at Daycare Drop Off


My daughter went back to daycare today for the first time in like almost 3 weeks! I was terrified. Especially since Grandma is here and she didn’t go to school yesterday… I was worried!

I thought we were looking at dragging out of Grandma’s room…. crying on the floor….. screaming the whole way to daycare…crying when walking in…. clinging to me not to leave her….

All legit fears!!!

However, none of this happened! I was in shock.

Actually the opposite happened.

She wanted to wear a dress, she packed her backpack and jumped in the car! She got to daycare and all the girls were SO excited to see her. When she walked in the classroom, the kids all surrounded her and hugged her. My daughter had the biggest smile on her face.

It was definitely a wonderful mom win moment knowing that my daughter has friends there and the kids were happy to see her.




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SOL: A Enjoyment of Fireworks

Seeing my daughter absolutely love the fireworks tonight was one of a kind happiness. 

We got to visit a town I hadn’t been to in a while since being back on the east coast and I was there with three of my girl friends that hadn’t really seen Hailey in a long time, it was just great. These are the moments I live for and love. 

Last summer, she was scared of the fireworks at the carnival so I was skeptical about her liking these fireworks. However, she has definitely changed since last summer and she loved them so much. She yelled “OH MY GOD I LOVE ORANGE” or “OH MY GOD I LOVE BLUE” every time a firework went off she would say the color it was and that she loved it! 

Just such a mom winning moment- you have to cherish those forever ❤️
Happy 4th💋🇺🇸


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SOL: Summer Traditions


Every summer for most years that I can remember, one way or another my family and I or just me has gone down the Jersey Shore. It’s been a tradition that we have been doing for almost my whole life. It was never always the same place but recently in the past 7 years it has been a house on the ocean that is a friend of my parents. One ear in there I rented a house with a bunch of random people I didn’t know because I badly wanted to have a shore down the house (clearly watched too much Jersey Shore on MTV).

But anyway, it is a sort of tradition and here I am again, down the shore. I love being down here. It is my other version of home, at the beach.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, beach, outdoor and nature

I have always loved the beach and for some time I couldn’t believe that I never had a house on or near a beach! But one thing I truly hate though, even though I love the beach, is sand on the floor. I desperately hate sand on the floor. It drives me NUTS! So that is probably one reason I never had a house near a beach!

Between the boardwalk, the seafood, the miniature golf, WaWa (seriously who doesn’t love a store named WaWa!?), and beach clothing, why wouldn’t everyone love it here?!

One of the new excitements of having a 3 year old this year at the shore is that she loved finding seashells with me. I loved that when I was a kid too and it makes me so happy that she loves it now! It was the most exciting thing to pull seashells out of the freezing cold water!

Ah, summer.


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SOL: Schools Out for Summer


The end of every school year is bitter sweet. It is mid-June and you are ready, the students are ready, the admin is ready, even your furniture in your classroom is ready.

But it’s bitter sweet, because you don’t want them to go, but you are so tired that it just needs to end already.

This past year as 3rd grade was my favorite by far. The kids were just easy going, barely any problems, barely any attitudes and just kids being kids. I had a lot of babies still in my room. We had a fun thing where the kids just brought in stuffed animals and they kept them at their desks. It got a little out of hand when the whole class started bringing them in but they liked it. They are still kids. And I can guarantee, some of the kids that really liked them, don’t have any at home.

This year I learned how to be a different teacher. I learned that I did not always have to be strict and that we could still do silly things and learn at the same time. I learned to listen to my kids and they will tell me everything. Sometimes its toooo much but then you just sit and you listen! These kids needed people to listen to them.

I turned them into readers and writers. We read and wrote every single day and it showed! I am so proud of that. They really enjoyed writing and reading and that was a personal goal for me.

The fact that I have another year in the same grade and the same school, is amazing! I will be able to perfect my teaching for next year because I already went through it this year!

I hope over the summer I can gain some new hope and skills and strategies to use in my teaching tool belt!

Now…. professional development and tracking back to New York!


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SOL: Summer Blonde & Summer Goodbyes

Sometimes you just have to go blonde. And it’s the end of the year. Instead of being sad my 3rd graders are leaving me I can look forward to the summer and think of the beach in 2 weeks. The end of the year is coming too fast! I am almost not ready to let these kids go and then have to start all over with new kids in the fall. It’s bittersweet. Most years, I have not been able to wait to get rid of my class & start over. This year, I am more reluctant to have them move on!

Every year, the 3 years I have taught, my classes have been extremely difficult. This year, my class has been overall pretty good! They have been super simple & wanting to learn & overall nice. There is always that one who is difficult but it is every too difficult when there is only one of them!

I hope next year is as wonderful as this one was in 3rd grade. This will be the first year I am staying in the same grade, the same room & the same school. Kind of a record here! As we know how often things get moved around as teachers & how easily things change – it is quite amazing to stay in the same place & not have to move!



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SOL:  New Hairdresser Anxiety 

Only Only moving to Washington State did I have to go out of my comfort zone and find a new hair dresser. Waiting until I flew back to New York to get my hair done was unreasonable… although it was definitely considered.

I don’t know about you but my hair is a very important aspect to me and I feel better when my hair looks good. I know it’s kind of silly, but with how quick my hair color flattens out and with little grey hairs appearing, it is important to me to make sure that I am keeping up with the color.

So I finally ran into an issue where my hairdresser out here I had found and gotten to like, is now booked this entire month and my brothers wedding is June 24th. I do not want to go be in the wedding and have my hair looking drab and blah colored! I will be in many of the pictures because we’re in the wedding party. Soo…. I am running out of options.

I reached out to some friends here and asked who they had do their hair. Another hair dresser I reached out to was booked for the entire month! How is this possible?! Two people are booked for the entire month?! Ugh!

I reached out to another lady who owned a salon and she was able to fit me in on a late night next week. Now, I am extremely grateful and I have seen someone who has had their hair done by this person, but I am still super nervous. What if they mess it up? What if it looks bad? There is always the chance that it could look bad but I do not have time for it to look bad! I have no time to get it redone after that point.

So, my new hair dresser anxiety is real! Does anyone else share this anxiety with me?


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SOL: Utoh…Test Scores are Incoming


Not sure if you know, but the end of May throughout June for teachers is literally crazy. Not to mention the end of National Boards, the Component 1 test, grades being due, cleaning up the classroom & packing and now, test scores are arriving.

I think I checked my SBAC score page every day if not like 5x times a day to see when all my students scores came in. Thank god I only had 19 kids because it was almost becoming an obsession – every morning when I woke up, the first thing I would check was the SBAC scores page!!! LOL – so silly.

I have all my ELA scores in and honestly, I felt they did amazing. With the diverse range of abilities in my classroom and this being the first time the kids took the tests ever, they did amazing. My class was 63% proficient in ELA- average for our district was 54% and state was 51%. I thought my class rocked it! I had 5 kids score a 4 – the highest score one can get & the first time taking a test as a school age student, 3rd grader! Maybe I am tooting my own horn, but that is flippin amazing! I had 3 kids receive 1’s but I knew off the bat they would get a 1. But that is just not bad for a first time…

And then there is Math…. Math will be a different story. We had no curriculum, we piloted a curriculum this year and barely made it through all the chapters in order for them to be prepared for the tests. Sooooo…….. we shall see.

But I am so proud of them! They tried so hard (most of them). And they succeeded! It was a wonderful feeling.

I know in NYC I didn’t have the luxury of checking my scores everyday or get to see exactly what they scored on and why. I would say I definitely love the SBAC for that – it is totally data driven and provides great feedback. Although on the other hand, it is super hard & very technology driven.

On the brink of my own test coming up this Friday, I hope that I have as much success with test scores as my students did. I would like to think all the hard work I did this year for my students and for my own self will be paid off in full next year. Praying. Hoping.

Going back to my OLW this year… different. I feel I surely have mace a difference in my students lives this year.


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