30 Day Writing Challenge

I saw this on another blog I follow and I am going to make it my goal to attempt this for 30 days. 

1.  My daughter & husband 

2. My parents

3.  My house 

4.  Beaches 

5.  Traveling new places 

6. Coffee 

7. Working out. 

8. Hearing good reggae music 

9.  Girls nights 

10. Decorating. Everything. 

11. Reading. 

12.  Setting up a new classroom. 
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SOL: Sibling Vacation to Europe


Not always in life will you get the chance to go away on vacation to Europe. Not always in life will you get to go on a vacation with your siblings in Europe and travel around to different countries. And not always will you get to spend time in life together with your siblings on vacation.

Life happens to fast and its hard to keep up.

4 years ago I was able to plan a vacation with my brother to go to Europe and it was the first time we ever went on vacation together just the two of us.

Our plan was to start in Dublin, Ireland, then fly to Barcelona, Spain and end in Amsterdam. It was quite the extensive travel plan but I worked it out so that it was actually less expensive to plane hop through different countries than just to round trip it to one country to New York. It is a pain to do what we did though and its a lot of travel time, so you have to keep it to the quickest locations and plan it out by day in order to have enough time in one place in other to feel like you actually visited before you have to dash off to the next country.

I can’t tell you which country I liked best. I mean Dublin and Amsterdam are a hands down. Ireland is so beautiful, coast to coast, and I would go back in a heart beat. Amsterdam….well… it was a seriously crazy experience. We stayed in a hostel called the Flying Pig and it was like a time warp. Like nothing I have ever experienced before and I don’t know if I would ever go again because the partying was serious! But if I had no kids with me…. then maybe!

Barcelona was my least favorite, but I will tell you why. I have been to Spain before and I went to Costa Del Sol, Malaga, and that in my mind was what I pictured Spain as, and then I went to Barcelona and it was really just NYC in Spanish… but more history and way prettier…I found myself wanting to go to Malaga, because it was so amazing.

My brother and I had a great experience and a great bonding time. I hope in the future we could go back with my sister without added family, but like I said, not always will you get that chance because then people get married and have kids and you know, life gets in the way.

If you ever get that chance to do a bonding vacation with you siblings.. jump on that opportunity and a country hopping Euro trip is the perfect way!

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My Slice of Life- Cigarette Free

slice of life

I’m a little late but I wanted to at least try and get in my story, even though it is supposed to be on Tuesday’s! I found out about Slice of Life last night and really, really love it.

My topic today is a short story about how I am one year smoke free.

I started smoking when I was 14 years old. The difference with me smoking at 14 and smoking at 18/19 was that at 14, I was picking up cigarette buds off the floor and trying to smoke them, or getting clove cigarettes from older kids and trying to smoke those.

My high school career I spent most of that time smoking cigarettes outside with all the kids that were outside smoking. I continued smoking all the way until last year, when I was 30.

By no means was I a person who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, but there were times I had smoked a whole pack a week and there were times when I didn’t smoke at all.

When I was pregnant, all I could think about was how I was going to not be pregnant anymore and be able to smoke again. I continued to smoke for a little less than a year after Hailey was born, but not as much. Finally, when I decided that fitness was going to take over my life, I stopped. Cold turkey. That was it. Not even my designated smoking friends could get me to have a cigarette with them – and that said a lot.

I can’t believe it’s only been one year since I quit for good, but even crazier is how much cigarette smoke annoys me and I cannot stand the smell. I literally can smell it from what seems like miles away and I cannot stand it anywhere near me.

I can sympathize with smokers because I was totally unaware of how gross and disgusting it truly is and how much I loved to take out that cigarette and have a reason to go outside and smoke. But at the same time, I would never, ever go back.





Bettering Yourself as a Teacher


Sometimes it is really hard to talk to other people who are not teachers about what it is like to be a teacher.

No one seems to see past the fact that teachers supposedly work 5 days a week and then you have summer vacation, and you literally do nothing and have all these holidays – what a great job! And you get paid all summer! Wow!

If they cannot get past that judgment, no one will ever understand the want and desire of professional development.

Along with not understanding the teaching career, it seems that most don’t understand the idea of doing professional development to better your career and become better in your practice. And they also don’t understand, that not always by doing these things will money be involved or pay increased. Then it is even harder to explain that you just want to do it because it prepares you to do your job better when school starts.

So to recap, this is what I usually get “So you want to spend time during your summer break, with people talking about school, doing hard work, preparing for school to start, learning how to spend more money to make your practice and your classroom better and NOT GET PAID FOR IT?”


The answer is yes.

When living and teaching in New York, we had forced professional development that was just part of our school schedule that we could not leave until a certain time everyday. I had no idea that there were workshops and outside professional development that teachers actually went to and learned things outside of their school building.

Fast forward to Washington, and there are just simply tons and tons of things that a teacher can do to learn more and I honestly just cannot seem to find it at the right now; either the week after it ends or just not enough time to plan it in.

Next year I REALLY want to go to the ILA conference. This year it is in Boston this week and I just couldn’t make it. Next year I am hoping it will be in either central US or west coast and then I could go.

I have never been more excited to be a teacher and learn all the awesome things I am learning this year and then be able to get it all together to make it my own. I don’t know how you describe that to others, especially to people who don’t understand teaching.

I recently found a really awesome idea for online professional development by the Cornerstone Teacher, I am very interested in the “How to Transition into Educational Consulting” course and learning more about it. The cost is decent, however, I just don’t know what I will do with it and if anything will come out of it. I like the idea of learning about educational consulting.

Are you doing any workshops or classes this summer for teaching?


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This is me: My name is Jennifer and I am a working mom blogger and military wife. I am a 3rd grade teacher. I love to read, write, drink coffee, do both of those while drinking coffee and I love yoga, fitness, biking, and laying on the beach.

History: My daughter is 3 years old, I’ve been married for 4 years, recently moved from New York City to Washington state as per the army, and I teach 3rd grade. Going on my fifth year teaching and waiting to hear if I passed National Boards!

Hobbies: I love fitness. I do yoga, bootcamp, barre, and Trx and any other fitness class that I can fit into my schedule. I run 5ks and walk marathons. I only recently got into loving fitness though, prior to having a baby, I was not all about fitness. Biking is the new fitness fun we have been adding into our days. Kayaks and paddle boarding are awesome as well!

Why do I blog?:  I started this blog initially to begin my need to write again. I was preaching writing everyday in my classroom when in reality, I wasn’t writing! I vowed to write as often as I could. Recently I began looking for up and coming companies that I thought would be amazing for other moms like me to know about. You never can learn enough as a mom and since I love learning, I cannot tell you how many small absolutely amazing companies out there that are there for moms, working moms, fitness moms, new moms, 2nd moms, fashion for kids… and the list keeps going.

I love finding these companies and then sharing them with others because unless you search it out, you would never know! 

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