love-4We met one day on a whim

I cannot explain the feeling of why

But from the first time I saw you,

You were the apple of my eye.


It’s been a short time I know,

But I am absolutely clear

That I’m not letting go,

I will shout it loud for all to hear.


Not something I would do,

Not something I would risk

But for some reason I just know you

Are the only man I want to kiss.


Not just a kiss on the cheek or to say hello

But good morning, goodnight and

Everywhere you want go.

My lips keep saying your name in a demand.


You’re sick today and probably when you wake,

I just want you to know I am here to stay,

I’m not asking much at all, this is not fake,

Help keep this love afloat and don’t let it decay.


Keep me close, don’t let me drift far,

I am yours and you are mine.

In the sky you are my shooting star

I want you to know that I love you all the time.



SOL: The Love Process

There’s high school love and there’s college love and then there is marriage love.

All of those loves are similar and you expect each of them to get the end result that you will marry. 

And then it falls apart and you start all over again.  What a vicious and crazy learning process. 

Looking back on the past loves, you think to yourself, what was I thinking ? I had no idea what love was. That was infatuation.  

I’ll always remember the high school , feel like I’m going to die, life will end if you leave me love. 

Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you ever ended up with one of those loves along the way ? What life would have been like? 

I don’t regret anything or wish that something happened differently I just look back and wonder things. Like why did I think that guy was so amazing! Ha ha 

I love my husband but never did I think I would end up with someone like him. I always thought it would be some guy with long hair and baggy clothes that worked at a coffee shop or we lived in a beach in a bungalow. But that was not the twist my life took and I am glad for it !

It’s just funny to see what you pictured your life as and how it really turned out and how different/similar it is. Especially with love. 

It just goes with the old saying… everything happens for a reason. 
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SOL: Farewell Favorite Season 

Goodbye summer. 

We had a wonderful time. 

We learned a lot. 

We shared it with good friends and family. 

We made some new friends. 

We traveled to new places. 

We traveled to old places. 

We relaxed. 

We read. 

We rode bikes. 

We watched movies. 

We prepared. 

We moved. 

We packed and unpacked. 

We experienced life. 

We slept in the woods. 

We laid on the beach. 

We went to the fair. 

We exercised. 

We loved. 

Farewell until next year. 

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Finding the Good

I was talking to my best friend today and she was upset because something happened with her landlords and they aren’t turning out to be such good people.

After her questioning about the good of people out there these days and lack there of, I wanted to write a post about finding the good in life when there is such much hatred and not so good people.

I am a list maker if you haven’t noticed, and I believe by writing it out or making a list, it helps me organize my thoughts. In order to find the good, sometimes it points out the bad so by asking yourself these questions, you can narrow it done and see what you need to work towards in making changes.

Take a look at your life and your surroundings:

  1.  Am I surrounding myself with good people? Do I have a support system of people who would be there for me in my life whichever way it goes?
  2. Is where I work where I want to be? Am I happy coming here everyday?
  3. Am I being the best parent or wife that I can be?
  4. Do I have healthy hobbies that I partake in weekly so I am not working myself to the ground?
  5. Am I saving money and storing it away somewhere?
  6. Am I in healthy relationships?
  7. Do I have at least one person that I can talk to?
  8. Do I have goals?
  9. Do I help the community?
  10. What am I doing to help the environment?
  11. Am I taking time to relax and enjoy the beauty around me?


Asking these questions are a good start to working towards the positive in your life and weeding out the negative. I know first hand that the answers to these questions are hard and number 1 is the most painful. But overall, after reading the news and watching tv, seeing all of the bad that goes on in the world, you can start with focusing on you and how to make your life the best it can be.

If you want to share your answers, I would be happy to help in responding to you.

Handling Making Big Decisions

This picture describes how I feel right now!

In the past three years ago, I’ve had to make some seriously big decisions and changes.

The worst about big life changes is that you have no idea how it will turn out and what the outcome will be. 

  1. Having a baby
  2. Leaving the charter school to go to public-  deciding if I should take a huge pay cut in order to be home more
  3. Moving across the country 
  4. Finding a new school in an area I didn’t know and making the right choice on which school and which grade 
  5. Buying a home

In almost 4 years, that is just super stressful. When I find myself making these types of decisions, I am not good under this pressure. I freak out, I cry , I get nervous , I weigh the pros and cons 100 times and I ask everyone for their advice. 

Every single one of those choices I made, I actually had to make and I can tell you now that they’ve all turned out great. Except #5, I am still in the process of freaking out and not knowing as of yet. 

I guess you could say in big life decisions, I am not a go with the flow person and I freak out too much! But in the end, all of them have turned out to be the best choices I have made. 

How do you process big changes and big decisions ? Are you a crazy person during those times like I am or do you handle them better ? 

SOL: Coffeehouse Life



During college, I discovered my love: coffee shops.

I couldn’t believe I had never visited them or worked at one during high school – nothing. I met so many people and I became apart of the little town that I worked in. The town was actually called Pleasantville and I was in love. It was my absolute favorite town and the coffee shop was where I spent all of my time outside of my college classes or my apartment.

Then I found an apartment that was literally down the road from the coffee shop and I was always there. The owner hated the place because her son had up and left her with it and she had no idea how to run it. Myself and a few others stepped in and took all of the shifts and basically ran the place. One day, her son came back and wanted to run the shop. He and his babies mom came from Durango, Colorado and decided they wanted to take the shop back.

This made me love the place even more – it actually turned me into quite the hippie and it was great. There was nothing more that I loved than my coffee shop in Pleasantville. We had our own little community.

The new owners stayed for a little while and then for whatever reason they up and left one day without saying goodbye, leaving everyone to pick up the pieces. This really changed the whole atmosphere of the shop and it was never the same again after that.

I moved on to another coffee shop where the owners had also worked at the coffee shop that I had and they hired me right away. I was never able to recreate the same atmosphere as the first one, but this one came close.

The owner and I had spoke about when I graduated, me driving across the country and stopping at coffee shops and writing about each of them and then creating it into a book. This was a dream of mine for so long and they were going to help me pay for it and search out the places and all of these amazing things.

Then, real life came into play and I realized I didn’t have anyone to pay my bills while I was gone on this escapade and I would have to pay for gas and hotels at the same time as making no money. Realistically, I was not sure how I could even pull this off.

I graduated.

I started applying to other jobs – 9-5 jobs that I could have health insurance and an actual pay check that could pay for bills. At this point, I was working multiple jobs and could just barely afford life.

Looking back I just think to myself, why the hell did I not do that? I should have went for it. It could have been an amazing book.

Maybe one day I will still do it.



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