SOL: Back to Back Birthdays

3 years ago I got my husband this awesome cake a friend of mine had made for his birthday.

It was really an amazing cake, almost too amazing to eat. Unfortunately, I was super pregnant at the time and I probably looked a lot like this cake! Anyway, we went out to dinner with my parents at a restaurant on the water, our favorite place. The food was great and we had a wonderful time. We only had a few pieces of the cake and we were going to bring it home to eat during Memorial Day weekend that was coming up (this was a Thursday night). The next day was going to be my last day of school as per my doctor & we were having a party, etc. I also had my last ultra sound before the next week of when the baby was going to be born. Lots going on!

My husband had a great birthday, knowing that his time may have to be shared with an infant really soon.

However, he was not prepared to have to share his birthday with our daughter the very next day!

I went in for my ultra sound and they told us we were going to have to have a baby …. and we were pretty sure we already knew that. And since it was Memorial Day weekend and beautiful outside, we assumed they meant Monday.

But no, my doctor meant in 3 hours from now.  Everyone almost fainted. But we made it through and we had to go home and get stuff etc. They told me I was going to have a c-section and they would see us at 1pm. UGH! Crazy – but there was no choice in the matter so what could we do?!

2pm- we had a baby! And then life was changed from there on out. 
Happy birthday loved ones ❤️ 





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SOL: High School Days


Recently, a bunch of people I went to high school with started a new Facebook page all about the town that I grew up in & people were posting pictures etc. It consumed a huge part of my Mother’s Day, looking at pictures, seeing all the people that I went to school with & what they look like now & their lives, etc. It’s so interesting to see what people looked like in high school and how they have turned out now and who they married, where they live, what they do as a job, etc.

I was not a fan of high school and had lots of girl drama and honestly, as a high schooler, it was traumatic. But looking back on it now, I wish it had not been! I actually like the girls I had problems with now, it all seems to have been so petty. But it was what it was, and I didn’t enjoy my high school years, I let drama get the best of me and I labeled it as terrible.

But now that I look back on it, it was not that bad. There were really great people and I had really great memories. Maybe it’s because I look at some of my students lives and think, they will never get to have the great experience that I had living in the town I did with the family I had and the people I knew.

It’s just kind of fun to think about the past and all the different things I did and went through and the different people situations.

Do you ever reminisce on the past?


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Helping Mommies Go Grocery Shopping 

There are so many things that new mommies have a hard time with. One of them is grocery shopping, or going to any type of store. I pretty much never went. I hated going anywhere that I had to drag that huge car seat in and then usually it took up the entire cart so then I had to get another cart, and seriously, I would be strolling around two carts somehow, (hoping my husband would just feel bad for me and come with me). I always find myself now that I blog, research, read, ask questions, & search for new products, asking myself why did I not know about this before?

Here is another one of those products that I ask myself about this because it would have changed how I viewed leaving the house and getting things done. It would have made my life so much easier. As a new mommy, life is seriously difficult, so anything or anyone  that can make life easier, is a savior. Hence Binxy Baby.

I know it’s harder to picture what it would look like with a baby in it (see below) (check out website) but I wanted you to see how much easier it would be to bring you older child and now 6-8 month old child into a store together. That right now would make me never want to enter a store by myself ever again! But the Binxy Baby, you can see below, how much room it still gives you, even with two kids now in the cart. The great part about the Binxy Baby hammock is that you can strap in your baby so they cannot move around. This hammock is used for babies approximately 6-8 moths until they sit up on their own. It can also hold a car seat and support up to 50 pounds of weight.

The hammock took me about 3 seconds to attach to both sides of the cart and it stretched to fit the grocery cart and it fits most standard grocery carts. It hangs on each side and then has velcro to strap it securely to the bar of the cart. So neat. I put it in my bag to come into the store, it really was no extra weight or space at all.

The hammock also comes in a few different colors/patterns. This was my favorite, but there other ones are super cute as well! The Binxy Baby hammock has also been safety tested and it breaks it down for you on how safe it is here.

Mommies, I am telling you, this is a MUST HAVE!! Here is your referral code, use this link and you will get 10% off all products because you used it from me 🙂

Blogging instead of Arguing

Have you ever  been in a situation where you want to confront the person but then don’t in light of not trying to deal with an argument?

I wanted to write it out here, and maybe it will save me an argument.

My husband went to another friends wedding for like 6 days, leaving yesterday. This is the second friends wedding of his that I did not go to. Now, keep in mind that we live across the country and have a 2 year old and buying plane tickets for all of us, taking time off from work, days on vacation, hotel rooms, traveling time, etc. would probably be too much. So I mean I totally get it – and I know what it’s like when he is with his friends – drinking, drinking, drinking and me watching our daughter. It most likely would not be very fun.

My issue is, I kind of feel left out. I know its kind of silly to feel like this since I was the one who chose not to go and such, but it’s almost like I am not a part of his “friends” lives. At both weddings, he had way more fun if I was not there. Again, I know how silly I sound, but that is how I feel. I just feel left out, and like he is totally okay with it because it allows him to be basically free with no responsibilities. And then I am at home, taking care of our daughter, the house, the dog, the cat, all of the responsibilities, while he is out having a great time, for many days.

I guess it is better to write it out, than fight it out. I have a lot of stress with him being gone and having to deal with everything, so to add a fighting conversation on top of it, really not worth it.

Just frustrating.

Does this happen to normal people and couples? Or is this way out of the ballpark here? I know our situation is not totally normal… but it would be nice to see any comments!


SOL: The End is Near


I know on my Slice’s I have talked a lot about National Boards but it is finally almost done. This weekend I am finally submitting all of my year long hard work. 3 of 4 components and then I am taking my test June 2nd.

The amount of work that I have put into these components, is just so great. Going to meetings, writing the papers, taking days off from school, editing it late at night when my daughter is asleep,  working with coworkers to get all the evidence. It has just been exhausting.

I hope to god that I pass, I cannot imagine going through it again without other coworkers who are doing it too. They kept me motivated to continue and to get things done!

It is all in the hands of God after this weekend. I won’t find out any scores until December. Agh – the longest wait ever. 



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