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I did my best with combining my sites and getting everything transferred over but somehow there is still this page and it’s separate from my new domain.  

Just in case you are looking for me, I went on to expand my blog outside of the free WordPress. 

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It’s still the same but just a way better set up!

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How to Sell Your Kids Clothes, Books, Toys, Etc.


Do you ever wish that you could sell your kids clothes that they don’t wear anymore but are still in good condition? What about their toys they don’t play with anymore but cost you a fortune? Or their books they don’t read anymore and you aren’t a teacher?

There are so many websites out their that take forever to get involved in and if you don’t have a consignment store in your area, then all of these items are just sitting in your garage, like mine were.


Toyzor is a site that has a place for you to sell these items very easily! They make the experience of selling pre owned kid’s clothes, toys, books and accessories interesting, amusing, thrilling, inspiring and fun.

Their main goal is to develop an online platform where sellers can sell used kid’s products online in a hassle-free way and earn easy money.

How do I get on board? 

Sign up on their site, make a list of the items you are selling and then you will take a picture

First of all, you’ll have to make a list of products you want to sell here. To sell new or pre-owned kid’s clothes, toys, books and accessories online, you just have to register with Toyzor, set a price, upload products’ photos and just relax. We only charge 3% commission rates for our services which are very low as compared to our competitors; so, it’s a great deal!

Why Sell with Toyzor?

Since there are so many different places to sell your items with, why should you choose Toyzor? Well, as a mom you know everything is always more time consuming and not as easy to get things done when the babies are around.

With Toyzor, you can easily list your products and they will help you set prices and guaranteed payment after selling your items. Not a bad deal at all!

If you would like more detailed information, check out their How To page.

Sometimes picking the best website out is the first choice. I know I have made me fair share of mistakes in picking websites, but this one is a great choice.


5 Tips for When You’re Interviewing

Image result for interviewing

This past week I helped at my school sitting in on interviews. This is the first time I have ever been on the other side of the hiring committee – usually I am in the hot seat. My most current job I had to interview over the phone or via skype. It was not the normal interview process but since I was on a different coast, a few different schools were okay with it and accommodated me.

We conducted all the interview face to face so I had the first hand experience of meeting these candidates and then picking the best ones fit for us. During these interviews, I could not help but wonder if there were a lot of people out there that just did not know how to interview.  Is that a possibility? Beyond being nervous, was it possible no one ever gave them tips or they never researched the best ways to act or be during a meeting with potential employers?

Those thoughts kept crossing my mind through different grades, levels of experience and people.

Now lets take out the being nervous fact and lets take out your qualifications and lets address just how you should act when being interviewed. My tips are for how you should present yourself regardless of your qualifications for the position – because that was really where I felt candidates needed help.

Tips 1-4 are generally for anyone in any position. Tip 5 is more geared towards a teacher.

1. Be enthusiastic.  Why are you here? You are here for a job. Not just a retail job or any job that will accept anyone, but a teaching job – which are not always easy to find. This is your time to shine. Brag about yourself  – your accomplishments. Want the job! Otherwise  – why are you there? If you are not enthusiastic about the interview, it will come across as if you a) don’t want the job or b) don’t need the job, which in reality makes it more difficult for you to actually get the job because the people who are talking to you, think both of those and that is not a good, quality employee. Smile, shake hands with everyone, keep smiling, like you are the happiest person alive at this moment! SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Answer the entire question. I cannot tell you how often it was that candidates did not answer the entire question. Even if you have a good answer for half the question, I recommend that you go back, either look at the questions provided or ask them to repeat the question, and make sure you have answered both. If you do not answer the entire question, it looks like you either don’t have an answer for that part of the question and it gives the people interviewing you a harder time at determining whether you didn’t have an answer or you forgot to answer it. Answer the entire question!!!!!

3. Ask questions. Sometimes in an interview you are able to ask questions to the people interviewing you. I highly suggest that you ask at least 2 questions. Make them meaningful and NOT about money. Never ask about money honestly – that will come with the offer, then you can ask more questions about money. Make sure its relevant to the position that you are interviewing for otherwise you are wasting everyone’s time. Even if there is no set part of an interview that is dedicated to asking questions, make sure to ask “Would I be able to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind?” or something equally as polite, but along the same lines. It shows that you care, you are interested and you want to know more.

4. Do your research!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know a lot of people mass send out resumes and applying and so forth, I am definitely one of those people. However, mass applying and then actually receiving an interview are totally different things! When you do get an interview, that’s because others saw something about you that was different than other candidates. This should make you feel special! Not everyone gets to the interview level. Now in return for them making you feel special, you need to do your part. You need to do some research on either the school that you are applying and interviewing for, the position that you are interviewing for, and/or the school district that you are interviewing in. It’s important that you show that you are interested by actually looking up something about the school or district. I know that we were always impressed when someone knew anything about the school or the district.

5. Know what you’re doing. What do I mean by that? Well, if you are applying for a 3rd grade position and are asked to do a demo lesson, make sure you use some sort of 3rd grade standard, regardless if you have ever taught 3rd grade or not. If you are interviewing for a specialized teaching position, make sure you know the specific words and lingo that you should be talking about. Always relate back to how you love kids and love teaching. Be confident with your answers. Use “I believe” instead of “I think”. Bring notes! Take notes! Know what you are doing!

I hope this is helpful to future interviewers and you can take these into consideration before going into an interview.

“Do I want this job?” should be a question that you ask yourself and if the answer is yes, then you need to take into careful consideration tips 1-5.

Adjustable Baby Clothing

Raise your hand if you have ever bought clothes for your growing child and then within two months those clothes don’t fit anymore!

Me! Me! Me!

And I am pretty sure, you and you and you as well!

Well, as a newer mom, I would curse out the clothes in my mind and put them in a pile to be sold at the consignment shop. For over 3 years now, this has been my go to. Why not make 2$ off a this $25-$40 shirt/dress/pants/shoes/jacket/anything that I bought for my daughter who only wore it once before I found it again in her drawer and discovered it was too small. Is that not the story of  a mom’s life?

With this issue at hand, I went into looking for some sort of answer or solution. You would not believe it, but I found a better solution!


SproutFit - logo1withtagline.png


The owner Whitney at SproutFit also had my same problem and she decided to do something about it. All their products are “thoughtfully designed with growth spurts in mind”. Their clothing is adjustable, eco-friendly, and responsibly made in America. Whitney love saying we are momguilt-free!

How have I never thought to look for this before?! I researched more into their site and found the bodysuit(aka onesies). There are short sleeve and long sleeve and bibs!



The amazing thing about these body suits is that you don’t need to buy them from 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12 months (because they’re a different size then 9-12!). That is a lot of money in body suits that you end up buying in order to keep up with the rapid growing of your child.


Here is the sizing chart for you to see the comparison! This is a pretty amazing thing. If you were to buy even 2-4 of these, you are saving yourself so much money. I can tell you if you looked in my garage right now you would be the crates upon crates of 0-12 months clothing and 90% of them are body suits!!!


Conventional brands want you buy 7 different sizes! That is so crazy! And we all do it because who would have thought there were other options?

Now you have some options. I hope you take a look into this and consider getting a few. I know from the baby clothes in my garage, the piles of unused clothes I had to put aside from my daughter growing out of them.

Whitney so graciously has offered any of my readers 20% off your first order! Make sure to use this code: TWL20

Fitness Clothing for a Cause

It’s not always easy finding great companies out there and my recent goal has been to find some great ones. While looking, I found Jenny (a great name already) and she told me about her company. Their mission and their products are quality and not always can you find a great company focused on women and making great connections.

She Lifts Gear is all about empowering women and bringing them together. You can read their entire mission on 5% of their proceeds go to the Dream Foundation – a charity that makes dreams reality for adults diagnosed with terminal illness. Jenny was inspired to create this company after her inspiration, her mom, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Not always do you find companies that are willing to give some of their proceeds to charities, so it’s always a great pleasure to find one that does. Plus she looks amazing! I love fitness and working out and good god, I hope I can look that fit one day.

I found a few super awesome items in their store that I wanted to share with you (click on each link to view the listing)

Here are her links:






Five Reasons I Can’t Sit Around During the Summer 

Everyone hates on teachers during the summer. I totally get it. But we need those summer days away from kids and work and thinking and solving problems for kids. We just need a brain break away.

On the flip side, when you don’t have many friends or family around, it’s hard to find things to do. I send my daughter to daycare most of the summer because she needs that interaction with kids so that leaves me with not too much to do. So that leaves me with the sun and my wallet. Why is this a problem you say? Well, lots of reasons! Let’s talk about the top 5 reasons why I can’t sit around and do nothing this summer as a teacher.

1. I will buy everything. This is not an exaggeration. If I have nothing else to do, I will start shopping. I will buy stuff for my classroom, I will stuff for my daughter, I’ll buy clothes, food, coffee, plants, stuff for my house, my backyard and literally anything else that I can do which usually requires money. Amazon Prime is my serious downfall but now that I have nothing to do during the day, I go visit stores and keep a’chargin. The worst part is that I am not making extra money (although I keep trying) so the more I spend is just out of my regular pay check…. all equaling down to the key word: BROKE.

2. I think too much. Right now my mom is here and my dad will be here next and last week I was away in New York with family and friends, but when they all leave, I will just be left with my thoughts and my broke credit card. During the summer, I have too much time to think. I think about life, my friends, dwell on things that happen and what doesn’t happen. It is not surprising that last summer I started this blog! This blog was my focus last summer so that took away a lot of my thinking and then I was able to focus my thinking on blogging. This year I am focusing my thinking on Instagram and Facebook audiences but still… too much thinking time!

3. I dress up my daughter and take way too many pictures of her.  Not that everyone doesn’t loveeee pictures of my daughter, especially when I dress her up in cute little dresses. But she doesn’t always love it! So I think that when it’s summer time, Hailey gets dressed up way more than normal and social media sees way more pictures of her than normal!

4. I start reorganizing, cleaning, selling and throwing away things.  Usually this is a really good thing, however, when there is so much time, it ends up turning into a bad thing. I will start selling things that I probably will need eventually but not at the moment, I throw away lots of things that maybe I should keep. I basically do some purging (last summer we moved – so the purging was the real deal) and everything gets changed around and then….. I refer back to number 1, because now I need to buy new things.

5. I wish my friends from home were around. Going back to #2 where I think too much, it takes me to wishing that my friends from home were here. It is always a tease when I come home in the beginning of the summer and get to see everyone and then all of a sudden, I am back at my house and have no friends around to hang out with. There are a few of them but a lot of them keep to themselves so I end up spending a lot of time by myself. But always during that time I am wishing my friends from home were around so I could see them and talk to them and hang out with them.


This is a drastic cycle. It always circles back. #1 never goes away and it is definitely the worst. There is nothing easier to do than spend money when you are bored.

I wonder if this list is something that other teachers out there can relate to. I think my next post will be how I can beat these 5 and actually not be broke by the end of each summer month!