SOL: D29, Positive Vibes

I haven’t been feeling very positive about everything lately and my looks/how I feel about myself etc. I haven’t taken many pictures of myself , I guess I don’t feel as wonderful looking as I was. Maybe I am just feeling the getting older thing myself even more than normal. But everything has gotten much harder since getting a little older. Once over 30, it’s not as easy to lose weight anymore, and there are some grey hairs and wrinkles that start creeping up.

However, my positive vibes are coming from the amount of things I have accomplished this year. I have taken on many challenges this school year and it is about to be April, with 3 months of school left. How insane is that?

With this being my 2nd year living across the country from my whole family and all of my original friends… but now my life is totally different, with different friends and it’s not so bad at all.

I have accomplished a new blog this past year and kept up with it with passion! I am not sure life would be the same without it. I don’t really know why I ever stopped writing. But it has helped me teach writing and work on writing with my students as well as myself.

I teach to being positive and accountable to my students every single day and it’s coming down to the wire of the school year with state tests, report cards, grades, finishing National Boards, TPEP; so many things.

My one little word of the year was difference. I am hoping to make a difference in my life this year and others as well. I’m not totally sure what that means but I’m hoping I will find it as it happens. 
One more positive vibe I want you to check out is Alice. Nine’s blog post! She took her 28 Slice titles and made them into a poem! 


I’m writing with the Slice of Life Challenge for March with Two Writing Teachers. 

SOL: D28, A Birthday Post 

Happy birthday to me! This was my 26th birthday. Lots of fun that year ! 

I borrowed this format posts format from Read. Reflect. Teach. 

Since it’s my 32nd birthday today and I have parent teacher conferences all day until 7pm I figured this layout was perfect for me today. 

Thinking about: who will reach out to me on my birthday and what will my husband do for it. Last year my birthday sucked there was a death in my husbands family and he was away during my whole birthday. It was just not a good time to be celebrating. This year we are very close to the same thing that happened and it just doesn’t feel like a time to celebrate either. 

Thankful for:
 my mom and dad for always going above and beyond anything they ever needed to. Especially for me and own family. And today I received a circle table in my classroom and it seriously made my whole week! (I swear this is the decluttered version of my room)

Wishing For:
 time to go faster. My parents come one week from this Friday and I cannot wait ! I haven’t seen them in person (FaceTime doesn’t count) since Christmas. 

: Beachcombers by Nancy Thayer. I didn’t like her first book that I read. I felt the writing was too simple. But this was has a better plot line and more well developed characters. Especially when comparing her books to Elin Hilderbrand, they are ok. But I wanted the Nantucket Beach reading to still continue and I read all of Elin’s books already ! 

: The ongoing watching of the Sopranos. I feel like this show is just like Weeds. It took us like a year to watch all of them. They were soooo good though! 
Listening to: The movement of my daughter in her crib trying to go to sleep. 

: Water with strawberries in it. 

: calm. 


I am writing with the Slice of Life Challenge by Two Writing Teachers.  

SOL: D27, Reflections on our Writing Challenge

I cannot believe this month is almost over. What an enjoyable month for writing it has been. I never thought I would be able to do 31 days straight but at Day 27,  I can say I nailed it ! 

The first two weeks were hard. It took me the longest time to think of what I was going to write. After two weeks, I had enough consistent topics to write about. 

3 weeks in, I almost had too many topics and running out of time! Funny how that works. 

I wish we had a Slice of Life Challenge in July when I have nothing really going on! I feel like it would help struggling bloggers to gain readers and make blogger friends. 

Feelings of positivity come out of my writing challenge. It was more about me and if I felt like I could challenge myself to stick to it and make it a priority. 

Here we are with only 4 days left and I have feelings of sadness that I won’t be reading as many blog posts each day and hearing about others lives especially those that are teachers. I love hearing about other teachers lives. It’s like a close knit community because we all have the same problems all over the world. 

Just a few more days, and then it’s April. I can hardly believe it ! 


I am writing with the Slice of Life Writing Challenge by Two Writing Teachers. 

SOL: D26, Morning Walks

Morning walks are back again.

Enjoying the day as it begins.

Coffee in hand.

Hailey by my side.

Viewing the scenery of the neighborhood.

Family time to its fullest.

Smiles as wide as the sky.

Smiling and friendly neighbors.

Conversations with those emerging from the winter.

Spring decorations hung in the yards.

Rakes and grass seed as far as you can see.

Still too early to plant flowers.

But some are popping up from the ground.

The sun is hiding behind the clouds now.

Time to go back into hibernation.



I am writing with the Slice of Life Writing Challenge from the Two Writing Teachers. img_8909-3

SOL: D25, Timehops are Depressing

Except my interesting 3 years ago was interesting !!!!!!! 

Next week is my birthday and I made it a point earlier in life before teaching to go on vacation during the week. It was the perfect time because it was in between spring breaks or it was right around Spring Break for college, so we were able to leave and no one missed us.

This is what I saw on time hop today:

10 years ago, I was in Bahamas.

8 years ago, I was in Costa Rica.

7 years ago, I was in Jamaica

5 years ago, Florida.

4 years ago, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3 years ago, State testing my students in New York.

Last year? Parent Teacher Conferences.

This year? Parent Teacher Conferences.


Ugh! Time hop makes me sad! 😦



I am writing as part of the Slice of Life Challenge with the Two Writing Teachers.




DOL: D24, A Spring Day

We went outside in the yard with no coats. 
The sun was shining.  

We decided since the sun was behind the house, to go for a scooter ride around the neighborhood. 

It got a little cold but it was still sunny and out and we’re walking outside after 6pm on a weekday! 

The sky is blue. 

Buds are growing in my newly raked and de-dog pooped lawn and it’s amazing! 

The first spring in our new house. 


I am writing with the Slice of Life writing challenge by Two Writing Teachers. 

SOL: D23, Good Bye Classroom Clutter 

I must admit that I am kind of a design overloader. Today I took down my word wall. And let me tell you, it waas hard to get off! (I had already sprayed cleaner on these FYI – I don’t just allow it to look like that always 😂)

There isn’t a end results picture because the words were still lingering on there but I got most of them off and it looked significantly better.

Every year I usually decorate my class with so much stuff. And for the first time in ever, I am going to be staying in this classroom next year! So maybe because I don’t have to move rooms again do I think about de-cluttering it and making it look nicer? I’m not sure.

It just looks so cluttered! I can’t stand it! There are just things everywhere and books everywhere. My bookshelves look a mess. My walls are a mess. my board was too cluttered. Ugh! Maybe I am just having a moment where I feel the need to reorganize everything and make it look neater.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of clutter in my classroom. I am trying not to spend any more money on my classroom than I already have! But you know how that goes as a teacher…..


I am writing in the Slice of Life 31 Day Writing Challenge with Two Writing Teachers.