SOL: D22, Our Cabbage Plants Arrived!

This year I have spent a lot of time of my life looking up places that will either come into my classroom and do projects or bring fun things for my students to do. And by students I mean the whole 3rd grade. 

So far I have gotten Home Depot to come in and build things with them. Amazing. Then our wildlife facility in the area where most people go on field trips to came to us and we dissected owl pellets.  Even more amazing!! 

Next is our cabbage plants. 3rd grade is doing a cabbage planting contest to see who can grow the biggest cabbage and we turn it in for a chance of a scholarship. They loved it. It’s just so awesome that a company provides these for classes for free! So fun. They get to bring it home and water it and plant it and make it grow. Then they have to take pictures of it and bring it in to show us how it’s doing.  

A few others I found were our electric company has a kids program and they will come in. Lastly I contacted our wildlife program to come in and talk to our class. 

I am weird like this. Reaching out to people to better my classroom. And this year has worked significantly. 

Are there any countrywide field trips you can do like I did? I am looking for more ideas! 

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Fruit Infused Water

Recently I have started placing fruits in my water at home and at school. I have done cucumbers, lines, lemons, strawberries, watermelon, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. 

When I am working, I feel like it is hard for me to drink more than a few cups of water. I recently switched to a bigger 24oz shakeology water bottle and then started adding in fruit so I would attempt to drink more. This has been working for the past two weeks now. Now my problem is at home. Who would have thought ? 

I realized that I need a big water bottle that I can take places with me. That’s the only way for me to master drinking water. 

When I was researching the benefits of having raspberries in my water, you wouldn’t believe the benefits ! 


  • Helps loss weight
  • Reduces wrinkles 
  • Prevents infections and cancer 
  • Promotes feminine health
  • Strengthens immune system 
  • High nutrient value 

To read more, go here

How crazy just by eating a few of these each day, all of those positive side effects can happen.  

DIY Crafts has some amazing recipes by season: 
If these are too complicated, throw some fruit into your cup and call it a day. It works the same and there is no prep with it. 

Try it! 

Workshop on Dyslexia 

I attended a workshop today on Dyslexia and I seriously love going to professional development. 

There is so much wonderful and important information out there for people, especially teachers, to learn that I just wonder why I have not been doing this my whole career. 

This workshop really helped me see the light on some of the kids in my class and what is happening. It also made me realize there is so much more to Dyslexia than just seeing words backwards and writing them backwards. 

This quote they posted up was brilliant. It was such a great quote because what they were saying with the quote was that kids with Dyslexia feel like they are stupid because they are terrible spellers, the have a hard time reading aloud and they have poor handwriting. So when they turn work in and you mark it up, writing all of the things they did wrong, they feel stupid. 

Another piece if information that I learned was that Dyslexic students memorize the words that they read because they cannot decode words like other readers, making spelling quizzes and learning how to spell nearly impossible.  I 100% have a student like this in my class. 

This was a great list of sites that can help your students or children – whether it be learning a new way to learn digraphs, prefixes and suffixes, or having speech to text. All huge resources. 

Teachers, I would recommend a workshop like this. It is very enlightening. It opened my eyes for signs to look for. 


love-4We met one day on a whim

I cannot explain the feeling of why

But from the first time I saw you,

You were the apple of my eye.


It’s been a short time I know,

But I am absolutely clear

That I’m not letting go,

I will shout it loud for all to hear.


Not something I would do,

Not something I would risk

But for some reason I just know you

Are the only man I want to kiss.


Not just a kiss on the cheek or to say hello

But good morning, goodnight and

Everywhere you want go.

My lips keep saying your name in a demand.


You’re sick today and probably when you wake,

I just want you to know I am here to stay,

I’m not asking much at all, this is not fake,

Help keep this love afloat and don’t let it decay.


Keep me close, don’t let me drift far,

I am yours and you are mine.

In the sky you are my shooting star

I want you to know that I love you all the time.


Prompts – d3 Pet peeves 

What are my 3 top pet peeves? 

1.  Cleaning the house and then not even two minutes later it’s dirty again !!!

2.  Asking to explain myself again after not listening the first time !

3.  Leaving clothes on the floor next to the laundry bin. I mean come on !!  
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Did You Reach Your Summer Goals? 

I had a few goals for myself this summer to accomplished before school started. 

I’ve noticed that it’s really difficult to follow goals and get them done in a said amount of time especially during the summer. 

  • I did read a lot so that I would put a check next to. 
  • I went to the beach, a lot so that’s a check 
  • I went to the gym a lot , but I didn’t lose the weight I wanted to. 
  • We bought and closed on a house – this was not a goal but it happened!
  • I prepared but didn’t prepare for the school year ( my room but not what I’m teaching) 
  • I spent a lot of time with my mom 
  • I packed and will be unpacking my house ( totally not a goal)
  • I spent more time with Hailey 
  • We did a lot as a family
  • I wrote a lot and I blogged almost everyday. 

I didn’t set specific goals for myself which I should have but I knew what I wanted to get done, but didn’t hold myself accountable by actually writing down what I wanted to do. 

With the end of the summer here and my weepy eyes because it’s over, I think of what I need to get done this fall and it’s overwhelming. 

Can’t we just have a few more weeks?! 

Did you accomplish any of your summer goals? 

SOL: End of the Summer, Teacher Version

Every single year this happens. 

June you are ready to go after professional development and you want to prep for next year but you have so much time. 

July. You have even more time!!! Some teachers do crafts, lots of kid time, vacations, projects around the house, nothing, tan, read, have no reason to get out of bed, drink mimosas, meet up with friends. July seems like it could literally last f.o.r.e.v.e.r.   This is also the month you forget what day it is. 

For me the past 3 years I have taught, I have switched schools. Charter to public to Rural. This is the first time ever I have stayed at the same school teaching. So some of my normal yearly worries in July were, will I make friends? How will the kids be? Is the curriculum hard? What are my teaching partners like? Will I like the school? Did I make the right choice? 

After experiencing a July where I did not have to worry about the answer to those questions, I felt really at ease and like I had a lot more time and freedom to do all of the things above that other teachers do. 

August. Things are moving way too fast. Now you start the official countdown. 30 days until school starts. That seems like a long time until you have obligations the last two weeks of August and then you really just have two weeks. Freaking out and panic struck you realize all the things that you didn’t accomplish this summer and really freak out.

August becomes some sort of power house mode where you are rushing to get in every single bit of summer left ! Determination to get it all done before school starts, as if there are no weekends during the school year. 

This month has gone too quick. Being on vacation for two weeks caused half my month to be gone when I got home. Now I am in a frantic rush to setup my 3rd grade classroom since I switched rooms and grades. The peace that I have not changing schools and already knowing everyone and the procedures is so calming and peaceful that it helps this frantic rush time to get all done before school starts. 

I love summer. I don’t want it to end. But I know it’s that time. And I will have to move back to the real world and reality again.  

Do you experience any of these feelings? 
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