It’s Jogging Stroller Season! 

I always thought about getting a jogging stroller but I never saw the benefit in it. I always went with the cheap stroller that had no benefits but the fact that it was cheap. Last year we walked in a race called Bloomsday. Here in Spokane so many people show up to run and walk Bloomsday. It is a 7.46 mile run/walk and it is loads of fun! My husband and I walked it last year with our daughter and we used one of those umbrella strollers to push our daughter in it and after mile 5, she was not a happy camper. It was not comfortable. This year, we were starting to worry about how she was going to make it through the 7 miles!

I knew that our umbrella stroller wouldn’t make it. It didn’t even have a cup holder! I mean we had no places to even store a thing! I lost her sweater along the way because I had to tie it to the handle and it fell off. So that stroller wasn’t going to work for either of us.

After doing some research, I discovered the Schwinn Interval Jogger. In comparison to my stroller, this is like the Mercedes of strollers. It is so incredible!!!  I can’t believe for the past couple of years we were suffering with a regular stroller.

I had no idea how amazing jogging strollers were. I would always see them when we would bike ride on the trails and wish I had one but I never thought I would use it. This year being that we are 100% into fitness and working out as much as we can, it only made sense to get a jogging stroller so that we could go places outside of the smooth floor in the mall with the stroller.

After choosing the Schwinn, I wanted to tell you some of the benefits I noticed from the minute we put it together. Firstly, my husband put it together, and if you know anything about how my husband puts things together, you would know that he doesn’t use the directions. Well, he was able to do it quickly and efficiently without the directions, which is an A+ in my book, so that I did not have to go back and fix it for him (like I did with Doc McStuffins X-Ray Machine!)

After putting it together, just look at the pictures! I mean, the basket!  The cup holder!!! The container next to the cup holder that has a lid that I can put my phone and music in! AMAZING!

Ok – enough about me. The stroller seat adjusts to your babies height and it can even adjust to have a car seat in added in there. That right there is a selling point for me, because I don’t want to have to purchase another stroller just to add a car seat in. Great idea there.

Now look at the part for my daughter. She gets her own cup holder too! This is amazing because usually, my cup holder turns into hers! Also there is a place where if she had some snacks or toys she wanted to put on the little shelf next to the cup holder, she has room to do that as well. In my other stroller, there was no front part like that, she was just strapped in. The canopy that goes over her head which is so nice especially when we are running in the sun or a 7 mile race!

One of the best features is that it runs so smoothly. Hailey hated going over bumps because she would get all thrown around in the carriage and not be able to get comfortable. This stroller is so smooth that you don’t even really feel any bumps at all. We do a lot of trail jogging and walking so especially the parts of the trail where the street is jagged, it won’t even be felt anymore to Hailey. Perfect.

I honestly cannot believe it took me this many years to get a jogging stroller. But I will never go back! Part of being a fit mom and enjoying the outdoors comfortably is to have one of these strollers

After having to register for my baby registry as a first time mom and having no clue what to put on it, I wish someone had suggested this Schwinn Interval Jogger. I hope that after reading this and looking at the amazing pictures that you’ll consider putting it on your registry like I wish I would have!

Nursing Covers Multiple Uses = Mommy Win


How pretty is this!?

When I had Hailey, I never felt comfortable about breast feeding in public. I also had nothing to cover her up when I was breast feeding only one of her blankets, it was only me having to go into another room where no one was around to do it. It wasn’t until recently that i started realizing that there were so many things out there to help mom’s like me in this situation where you really have nothing to help you awkwardly lift up your shirt and try to get everything situated most likely with a child in your hands!

I recently discovered a company called Covered Goods™. Along with finding them, I found their amazing multi-use nursing cover that gives you all the benefits that the traditional covers do… and more!

Some of the features that the nursing cover includes are:

  • also functions as a car seat cover, scarf, and shopping cart cover
  • provides true ALL OVER COVERAGE front and back
  • made of comfortable, stretchy fabric
  • takes seconds to put on and take off
  • it is fashionable
  • And more!

There are so many colors and designs: Solid designPrints, Stripes, and Mismatch. This is seriously so amazing. I remember just using an infant blanket to cover up myself in the bathroom or in a public place and there are so many things that can go wrong with a blanket – wind, child, people, movement, dropping bottle, blanket falling, and the list goes on. With the Covered Goods Nursing cover it is almost like a scarf where you can cover yourself and be fashionable at the same time and since it is round, there would be no way for it to blow off or fall off. I find myself always asking this question, but why did I not know about this when I was pregnant?! 


Not only is this fashion piece helpful to breastfeeding moms, but one of the best parts is that this piece does not need to go back in your “pregnancy clothes” box (I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has something like this!). You can wear it any time. I have been wearing it as a scarf and because it is round, it almost is exactly like the infinity scarf. That was one thing I was worried about when pregnant was buying too many clothes because they were just going to go back in that dreadful box of my big clothes and they would stay there until the next child!

This will not be going in my pregnancy box and I will continue to wear this until jacket season is gone!

They are a good investment – there are so many uses for it and even when you are done breast feeding, you can still use it. For us mom’s, this is huge, you can’t say that for many other products.


WubbaNub Saved My New Mommy Sanity

Isn’t he the cutest little thing you ever did see ?! 

Well my daughter thought so too but she had a lamby. She also had a giraffe one but only her one true love was lamby. 

Lamby was a WubbaNub that I saw at Buy Buy Baby one day when I was shopping to get ready for my first girl.  It was so cute and right in the front of the store next to the cash register just staring at you calling you name since they were so cute! 

I picked it up because it as so cute I figured we could use it at some point, not knowing to what extent of use it really would be ! 

The WubbaNub is meant for 0-6 month old infants with no teeth. It is a soothing Binkie and it is easy for them to grab, nearly impossible to lost (even In a crazy messy bag like mine) and it is the babies first friend. 

Hailey love, love, loved her WubbaNub binkie. She held onto it with her death grip and it was at some points if we didn’t have it with us wherever we were going, we had to go back. This caused us to buy two, just in case, but like I said, she loved the lamby and there was nothing else like it. 

Isn’t that funny how kids become attached to something way before they are even able to say any words at all?

By the time she outgrew the WubbaNub because the binkie part was really meant for babies with no teeth and she had started to get some in, she’s insisted it stay in her toys. If I went searching now, I can guess it would be in her toy box but she would never let me get rid of it.

What a life saver this was I tell you, trying to get her to fall asleep, it has little beads inside of the feet and it is slightly weighted so leaving it on her while she falls asleep was soothing but then taking it out as she is asleep. It really helped soothe her. Another instance was in the car, she was able to hold onto it and it made her feel safe. 

If you have not purchased one for your new born and are missing your sanity, order one right now. I would not steer you wrong! If you are going to be a mommy, I suggest you get them, they are so, so adorable and really helpful. You will see !!! 

Sick Daddy + Sick Baby = Crazy Mommy


This weekend has been exactly like this. Along with the fact that its winter and there is not much to do here during the winter weekends unless you ski, which I don’t.

Husband has been sick, daughter has had stomach issues, and then here I am cleaning the house, and trying to go to the gym to get out of the house -it’s just been not a lot of fun.

Maybe it’s just me but sometimes these weekends happen – where there is just nothing fun to do. And I am not meaning like super exciting things, just like stuck in the house and the house is getting old from being inside of it every single weekend! It’s kind of like inside recess for the kids as teacher. Seriously gets old!  I just want to go outside! And not freeze to death.

It doesn’t help that everyone is sick and there is nothing to do! Maybe this is what winter depression is. Being stuck inside for months where you go to the gym for fun to get out of the house and have someone else watch your kid for one hour. Winter sucks. I know I am just complaining now, but I feel like I am probably not the only person that feels this way. There have to be plenty of mom’s who feel the same way I do and maybe even more so for stay at home moms.

All the odds pointing to a crazy mommy!!

How much longer is winter?!


C-Panty for C-Section Recovery

Having an emergency c-section doesn’t give you much time to research or make choices what’s about to happen to you. I knew what a c-section was but had no idea the amount of pain I would endure for weeks after. Unreal. But like I said,  I had no choice and I never thought it was an option. …. clearly first time mom here!!

I was in the hospital 4 days and by the time it was time to leave I wasn’t ready!!! I could barely walk- they cut open my skin and stapled it back together – seriously – I was not ok.

But off I go. To my house that had 2 huge sets of stairs, both unavoidable – one to my bedroom and the other to laundry. Ugh!

Thank god I had help because trying to carry a child up and down stairs while still dying in pain from my c-section, well I was quite certain I was going to die.

I was in serious pain and trying not to become addicted to pain medication, so I started to take less and less but the pain was so much. All my clothes would hit the area of the c-section and like serious, relentless pain. Awful. I needed something ! But I didn’t know what.

I researched on google, how to help a c-section heal or how to stop the pain from a c-section.  It took a while but I found the product C-Panty.

As looking deeper into the product, I saw this:

-Speeds c-section recovery

-Heal faster & improve c-scar

-shrinks uterus

-reduces swelling

-slims post baby belly

I mean seeing all of those words were like heaven had just arrived on a platter. I quickly bought it and waited. It came pretty fast in the mail and oh my goodness was I excited.

So c-panty is like a girdle except with underwear attached. It keeps your stomach and stitches and all that in place, enabling you to walk. Now the only problem I had was that when I took it off I thought I would die. So I never wanted to take it off. I ended up buying like 2-3 more because I literally wore it all day every single day.

I would say for about 1.5 months I wore it every single day. And it seriously did its job.  I don’t know if I would confirm that it helped me shrink my uterus ? But I can confirm that I was able to walk and be like a normal person within the week of having a c section which without it, I really doubt that would have been possible.

I suggest if you ever have a c-section to invest in c-panty immediately. Like now !!!!! It is seriously a life saver. You will thank me.  

Don’t believe me ?! Watch the video: 

Chemical-Free Baby Water Wipes


After having my first baby, I realize now as I research many different topics I didn’t know during that time and wonder, why didn’t I know about this before? Another product I came across along with a substitute for prenatals,  Insoles, Baby Toddler Spoons, and shirts that have multiple purposes, I have now found these amazingly soft, and chemical free baby wipes. WHY did I not know there were alternatives to the regular baby wipes I would by at all the retail stores?

Every time I used to wipe my daughter after going to the bathroom with regular wipes, she would always complain that they were too hard or they would hurt her. At the same time, I took to using baby wipes to take off my make up as well. But they are rough – there is no softness about them, but we just dealt with it because that’s what we had.

After trying out the Water Pura wipes on myself and my daughter, I don’t think I could ever go back. They are so soft. After you use then, your face feels soft and not automatically dry. After I use them on my daughter’s bottom, she did not complain at all about the wipe being to hard or too cold. It was quite amazing. The added bonus was that there are no chemicals in it.

The wipes are they made in america, chemical-free, and mommy-made – bigger and stronger so they don’t tear very easily. All amazing things that are needed in a wipe. Like I said before, why did I not know about these before?! 

Lastly, I will leave you with this: if you are thinking that the cost will be higher because it is a clearly better made product than the wipes in the grocery/retail stores, well think again. 9 packs for $31. I mean, you can’ really beat that for a high end product!


Chemical-free and so, so worth it. Check out Waterpura baby water wipes! Don’t believe it? Watch this video…..I wish I had seen this when Hailey had diaper rash all of the freakin time!

Mommy Confessions

Tonight was girls night with sons of the girls from work. We went to happy hour and ate and drank. 

It was great. It’s so weird comparing what girls night looked like prior to having a child. Going to bars at 10,11,11,1 was normal. Tonight we went out at four.  Perfect timing for me now, old me would be sleeping getting ready to leave 6 hrs later. 

But tonight our girls night ended at 6 and I decided to go get my nails done instead of going home. It was so worth it. That’s my confession. I should of went home but I just needed some time.  I know it seems so little but H has been sick this week so I haven’t barely been to the gym let alone run errands. 

Why is this so scandalous? Husband had been with her all day yesterday and now a few hours today. It was slightly selfish. But I don’t take it back. I needed me time to take care of me. 

Do you ever have to sneak away to have time to yourself ?!