Workouts, Meal Planning & Healthy Snacking

As a person who loves to work out and loves to try different fitness classes and cleanses, I hate changing my diet. Up until right before having a child, age 28, I was able to eat whatever I wanted and be able to work out once or twice a week and get away with it, not having to do much to maintain my body.

Fast forward 1 kid and 4 years later, working out 4-5 times a week and that is not enough. I refused to change my diet, thinking I could still eat whatever I wanted, and I’m not talking about all junk food here, but it did consist of chips here and there, some candy here and there, but for the most part it was decent. Never straight garbage food. But still, never able to lose any weight or inches, ever. Frustrating. How much more time did I need to dedicate to working out each week?!

3 things I noticed I needed to do constantly in order to change my body and tone it up: workout, meal planning and healthy snacking.

When I started my Advocare cleanse, the first thing I had to change was my diet. If I did not change it, there as no point in doing the diet. I had to get rid of coffee and replace is with a supplement they provided. Fine. Not ever a choice I would make, but had to do it in order to make changes. Another thing I had to do was meal plan. I have tried Beachbody 21 fix and you’re supposed to meal plan and all that but I never did, so essentially it wasn’t working for me either.

Meal Planning : With Advocare, I meal planned for all day and all week while I was at work. I prepped my breakfast, which was strawberries that I cut. I prepped my morning snack which was flavored almonds or celery and organic peanut butter. I prepped my lunch which was either tuna with celery, lentils, grilled shrimp over salad, quinoa, grilled cauliflower, and ground turkey with avocado, or ground turkey chili. All of it was pretty awesome! Really filling and tasted good.

When I came home for dinner, I also had to have planned what we were going to eat or we would just take a lazy route and eat something less healthy. We ate a LOT of fish and quinoa, vegetables, ground turkey, turkey burgers, avocado, turkey chili, grilled chicken. It ended up being easier than I thought to make all of these things than I had originally thought. My daughter was the hardest part, I had to make her other things because she doesn’t like fish but still it happened.

Working out: Once I started to change my diet, I coupled it with working out 3-5 times a week. I alternated between barre and 21 day fix 30 minute daily workouts. If I couldn’t get either of those in, I would run, walk or bike. There were many options, I just had to change my priority of time in order to fit it into my daily life.

Healthy Snacking: An option for a snack that I would eat as a mid morning snack were Vegan Protein Bars. These were also very good for me to eat prior to going to work out around 4:30, right after work, and it gave me energy to do my work out. Eating it about 30-40 minutes before going to work out is key. If you are not the type to eat before going to work out but always want to have a sort of protein after, these GoMacro Vegan Protein Bars are a great treat for after working out. The Protein Replenishment Peanut Butter bar is an excellent choice for after work out.  I have been using barre workouts and the 21 day fix workouts and each time it has been helpful.  They are super easy to purchase and you can get a case of 24 for 30$. Not a bad deal at all and that could last you almost all month if you ate one a day! They also are sold at Rite Aid, 7 Eleven, etc. you can look up your zip code to find them. Pretty useful. I know when I find a good product I have to just order it online so it will come quick!

When dieting and meal planning, you need to incorporate snacks into your diet. Otherwise you will end up eating something you shouldn’t. That always happens to me. I will be tempted by some sort of snack and that’s when my diet gets lost in the sauce.

For those who are very bad about being able to plan healthy meals, I would suggest writing out a schedule. This way you can stick to it. As a teacher, it was easy for me to set a schedule and stick with it. Otherwise I would never! Being all over the place and super busy is really hard for eating healthy. But as always, it is a lifestyle change and you need to change the way you eat if you plan to make some changes for better health in your life.

If you are busy and have kids and plans and not a lot of time to eat during the day, healthy snacking is where you need to perfect your diet. Green tea and lemon ginger tea are huge helpers as well for healthy snacking.




It’s Jogging Stroller Season! 

I always thought about getting a jogging stroller but I never saw the benefit in it. I always went with the cheap stroller that had no benefits but the fact that it was cheap. Last year we walked in a race called Bloomsday. Here in Spokane so many people show up to run and walk Bloomsday. It is a 7.46 mile run/walk and it is loads of fun! My husband and I walked it last year with our daughter and we used one of those umbrella strollers to push our daughter in it and after mile 5, she was not a happy camper. It was not comfortable. This year, we were starting to worry about how she was going to make it through the 7 miles!

I knew that our umbrella stroller wouldn’t make it. It didn’t even have a cup holder! I mean we had no places to even store a thing! I lost her sweater along the way because I had to tie it to the handle and it fell off. So that stroller wasn’t going to work for either of us.

After doing some research, I discovered the Schwinn Interval Jogger. In comparison to my stroller, this is like the Mercedes of strollers. It is so incredible!!!  I can’t believe for the past couple of years we were suffering with a regular stroller.

I had no idea how amazing jogging strollers were. I would always see them when we would bike ride on the trails and wish I had one but I never thought I would use it. This year being that we are 100% into fitness and working out as much as we can, it only made sense to get a jogging stroller so that we could go places outside of the smooth floor in the mall with the stroller.

After choosing the Schwinn, I wanted to tell you some of the benefits I noticed from the minute we put it together. Firstly, my husband put it together, and if you know anything about how my husband puts things together, you would know that he doesn’t use the directions. Well, he was able to do it quickly and efficiently without the directions, which is an A+ in my book, so that I did not have to go back and fix it for him (like I did with Doc McStuffins X-Ray Machine!)

After putting it together, just look at the pictures! I mean, the basket!  The cup holder!!! The container next to the cup holder that has a lid that I can put my phone and music in! AMAZING!

Ok – enough about me. The stroller seat adjusts to your babies height and it can even adjust to have a car seat in added in there. That right there is a selling point for me, because I don’t want to have to purchase another stroller just to add a car seat in. Great idea there.

Now look at the part for my daughter. She gets her own cup holder too! This is amazing because usually, my cup holder turns into hers! Also there is a place where if she had some snacks or toys she wanted to put on the little shelf next to the cup holder, she has room to do that as well. In my other stroller, there was no front part like that, she was just strapped in. The canopy that goes over her head which is so nice especially when we are running in the sun or a 7 mile race!

One of the best features is that it runs so smoothly. Hailey hated going over bumps because she would get all thrown around in the carriage and not be able to get comfortable. This stroller is so smooth that you don’t even really feel any bumps at all. We do a lot of trail jogging and walking so especially the parts of the trail where the street is jagged, it won’t even be felt anymore to Hailey. Perfect.

I honestly cannot believe it took me this many years to get a jogging stroller. But I will never go back! Part of being a fit mom and enjoying the outdoors comfortably is to have one of these strollers

After having to register for my baby registry as a first time mom and having no clue what to put on it, I wish someone had suggested this Schwinn Interval Jogger. I hope that after reading this and looking at the amazing pictures that you’ll consider putting it on your registry like I wish I would have!

21 Day Fix

It’s here. 

I started. 

1st workout=done 

Sweating ! 

I never thought I would like at home videos but turns out I do! Especially the dvds that I can keep. 

They guarantee if you follow the regimen then you will see results. I bought this package just with what you see in the box, I should have done the shakes but I didn’t want to spend almost $200. 

But now that I have the videos, I of course want the shakes. 

My problem with shakes was trying to make them at school. I barely have time to breathe let alone make a shake and then wash out the blender. So that was a fail. 

But, if I make them at home and drink them before or after working out at home and I am mostly working out at home, then it could be beneficial. 

I was having a hard time actually getting myself to work out. I felt like the computer was hard because it was small.  Then my daughter was running all over the place while I was trying to workout. Or I was self conscious of my husband watching me workout. All these things I kept stopping and not doing it. 

What they really were: excuses. 

Now it’s been a few times since doing t25 at home and everyone is used to it happening for 25-30 min a day and I feel better at what I am doing.  

Day 1 check. 

We shall see how the rest goes ! 

January at the Gym= Awful!

Over the summer I don’t have to go to the gym. I can work out at home or outside and all of the time. Biking, being outside, walking, running, outside yoga. So much. 

Here is the winter and on the weekends I go to the gym because it’s easier since they have a daycare. 

But here I am waiting always for machines and there are just so many people here. Kudos to the YMCA for all the new members but oh my goodness. 

All these people and their New Years resolutions. They need to keep it all year long. The people who frequent the gym all year long feel this beginning of the year craziness.  

Is anyone else frustrated by this or just me ?! 


Weekend Nights – Pre Baby vs Post Baby



I am not sure when it happened,but it happened. The weekends are not the same anymore. There was a completely different meaning to Friday, Saturday and Sunday before having a child.

And if anyone disagrees with me, well then they must not have kids!!!

Pre- Baby/Marriage

I remember getting off work on a Friday and thinking about a) where am i bartending? b) where am i drinking? c) who am i drinking with? d) what bar are we going to? e) what am i drinking? f) who is going to drive me?

I mean, every answer to what am I doing that night involved drinking. Whether it was what bar was I working at and who am I drinking with, or where am I going to drink.

And then the same thing for Saturday. Sunday was for sleeping.

Sometimes I didn’t even go home. Or I would go home when the sun came up and then sleep until the afternoon and do it again.

What a crazy life. How did I survive? How did I continue to go to work at the bar and then do it again every night!?

Sleeping was like a mythical creature never to be seen.

Post Baby/ Marriage

Friday night – what’s that? I haven’t seen it in forever. Not from working at a bar, but because as soon as my daughter goes to sleep, I am asleep. 9:30pm is my bed time.

Saturday morning 8am, is when she wakes up. If we are super lucky, 8:30. Then is time to go to the gym. This way she gets to play in the daycare there. Then is cleaning and food shopping or any specific event that we have to go to.

Sometimes Saturday night is date night. Rarely  can we get a babysitter, and honestly, date night plus babysitter money, is a lot and not always worth it just to go out to dinner, unless you have a plan of things to do.

I mean it is complete night and day.

I don’t miss the pre-baby weekends. I don’t. I love my gym time and I love not being hung over and feeling like crap and I love family time. But it is just an eye opener of how seriously different peoples lives with and without babies really are. I wish I had some friends that I could go out with on the weekends sometimes, but maybe it’ll happen one day. I am happy to have friends during the week right now!

Do you remember your weekends before kids?!

Ahhhhh memories.


Kizingo: Toddler Spoons

I recently have been finding all of these seriously amazing products that I never knew about or even thought about when I first had Hailey and now I am wishing that someone had told me about these things!
fullsizerender_4_1024x1024Kizingo has made toddler spoons for right handed kids. Who even knew they made right-handed AND left-handed kids spoons?!?!

Is that not insane or what? But wow, that is something I really could have used TWO YEARS AGO!!

Read this amazing description:


KIZINGO products are designed to promote successful self-feeding, giving confidence to parents and children. Little ones learning to feed themselves can get frustrated and most utensils are not well designed for how toddlers want to hold and use them. As a result, parents often take over feeding which can have unintended consequences. KIZINGO spoons are curved to work with the way children hold utensils, making it easier for kids to successfully do it themselves.”

I don’t know about you, but watching my daughter hold the spoon was painful! Especially even more painful when what she managed to put on the spoon now fell on the floor or the table as she tried to get it into her mouth but it slid off. That’s probably why she eats with her hands!

I know that for my next child, I will buy this spoon and make life easier for my poor child! And myself! Less mess — always the best choice and easy to do. Seriously, where is the downfall? Anyone can buy a cheap spoon from the grocery store, but has your kid learned to spoon their food or are you still doing it for them, or is it just falling back into their plates?

Also – a bonus – the first time you sign up your email, you get 10% off your purchase!

#parentingproblems – the struggle is real ladies! Kizingo is here for us!



Adventures at the Gym -part 1

When I am running on the treadmill, I can see the from door and the main desk area as well as the daycare. I am on the second floor facing the first floor where all the action is. 

And then the people watching begins. 

I am not a treadmill tv watcher. I don’t know why, but I never got into it. I am not a music listener either. Both things I know would be more distracting to me but I just can’t. 

People watching at the front of the gym though? That is amazing. 

Let alone acknowledging the people that are upstairs in the gym with me, well that is a different beast in itself. 

There is one thing I don’t understand. How can you bring McDonald’s into a gym and feel like you are doing a good job at life ?

Even if it’s not for you and you aren’t working out, does giving it to your other kid to eat while the other ones swimming and everyone is sitting there drinking a 500 calorie latte AT THE GYM ?! 

I don’t get it. Then wouldn’t you like, feel bad about yourself at some point when you see people visibly older than you in serious better shape and healthier ?! 

Maybe it’s just me now and not be back when I was in college and not be before the baby. But like now as an adult with a kid, I feel like I need to get onboard with real life here. 

McDonalds at the gym is NOT OKAY. 

I don’t hate ok McDonald’s.  I will even get my daughter happy meals once in a while but DONT BE SELFISH!!!!!! 

All these people are upstairs working out and getting rid of their food cravings that made them decide to work out and now they are smelling McDonald’s, because you know it has a very strong smell, and getting hungry!!! 



Rude !!!

Hence why they only have smoothies at the gym because you can’t smell them!!!!! 

And there I am wondering what the hell did I do to deserve this running on the treadmill and counting down the minutes to when I can leave AND GO EAT FOOD !!!! 


Mission fail.