SOL: Holiday Door Decorating at School

Every year we always have a wonderful time decorating for the holidays and what we can and can’t put up and who has the best bulletin board.  

Being at my school now, we have taken the door decorating to a whole new level and done hallway decorating. Little to no learning goes on this week before break because we are decorating hallways. Most people would shame us for this but the kids need it. For the next two weeks, most of them will be sitting home doing nothing, talking to no one, and maybe not having food since they only eat at school. Letting them have some fun and see healthy completion always allows for fun. 

In the public school in New York we were not allowed to decorate. Just neutral decorations but only on a bulletin board. 

Did you decorate ? are you able to ?

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Classroom Table Problems

This year has been tough so far. But not because of my students. My students are great.  It’s been tough of me teaching wise.  

Tables are a lot worse than desks now that I am a few weeks in and I am not a fan! And having too many props in the room, also doesn’t make things easier. Too many pillows, stuffed animals, objects for kids to play with…. I am struggling to get rid of them but more so finding a home for them in my classroom. 

I think I just felt cluttered. And out of place. It didn’t feel like we were a smooth running machine. If you look at the pictures below, it looked a mess, and I couldn’t deal. 

The pictures above are the newly arranged classroom. I am hoping to best fit my students learning this way. 

Some weren’t able to see over my high table. So I switched that out. Others were sitting on the crates at their table and it was distracting more so than helpful. It just didn’t look organized and I am a very organized person. 

The problem with tables is the fact that they have so many books. They have a plastic drawer where we keep their books but it’s getting up and switching books so often, where as if they had desks, they wouldn’t have to move. 

Also, there are not many ways you can move them where every student is looking at the board and you are not looking at their back. Very. Frustrating. 

They take up a lot of room !! Since I have 18 kids and I can’t clutter them all to tables because they wouldn’t have enough room, I have 5 tables and they are not small, with the down side of my room being smaller. 

So there’s my TGIF and rant about tables.  

Do you have classroom table problems. 

Back to School 

This year I’m teaching 3rd grade and it’s the first time I haven’t had to share my class. 

So far, day two, they are quite amazing in comparison to the past 3 years. They listen, they’re little, they love 3rd grade, and they’re excited to learn! Like, what?! Am I in the twilight zone ?!

I hope everyone had a good first week and good luck to those of you who start next week! 

A little #tbt!!

My classroom last year 6th grade Washington 

And my 5th grade NYC public school the year before:

Friday in Photos

It’s done! It’s done!! I used so much Instagram and Pinterest to create this room. I am hopeful that I set it up nicely and that everything will run smoothly. Now it’s time to plan for back to school night and the first week of school. 

I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. I am ready and not ready at the same time. It’s still so hot out so it doesn’t feel like fall but the leaves are falling already! 

I hope you have a nice weekend ! 

How Is the Summer Almost Over ?

30 more days until the 1st day of school. 

This month goes very fast. I am ready and not ready at the same time. 

What’s in store for August ? 

Finishing my vacation to the east coast, getting my classroom ready, packing my house, potentially moving (hopefully), working out, and getting ready for school. 

What do you have in store for August ? 

Classroom Decorating Day 1

I really went in to drop off crates …..and instead set up the basics in my classroom. 

Those are my flexible seating I am going to have that one table lowered and they will sit on the bath rugs ($5 big lots) and the big pillow (10$ big lots) as their seats!

I love love love my work space! 

The crate seats we made them today and they were super easy to make. I bought 2 yards of fabric at Walmart (7$) and one foam to put as the cushion(15$). I bought all the crates at big lots for 3$ each 

Then I went to Home Depot and I got the plywood measured to fit the crates (12$) and they cut 6 of them for me for free! 

We then used a staple gun to put the cushion under the fabric and attach it to the plywood and it fit perfectly on top of the crate. 

Super easy to make and they look really cute !