Adjustable Baby Clothing

Raise your hand if you have ever bought clothes for your growing child and then within two months those clothes don’t fit anymore!

Me! Me! Me!

And I am pretty sure, you and you and you as well!

Well, as a newer mom, I would curse out the clothes in my mind and put them in a pile to be sold at the consignment shop. For over 3 years now, this has been my go to. Why not make 2$ off a this $25-$40 shirt/dress/pants/shoes/jacket/anything that I bought for my daughter who only wore it once before I found it again in her drawer and discovered it was too small. Is that not the story of  a mom’s life?

With this issue at hand, I went into looking for some sort of answer or solution. You would not believe it, but I found a better solution!


SproutFit - logo1withtagline.png


The owner Whitney at SproutFit also had my same problem and she decided to do something about it. All their products are “thoughtfully designed with growth spurts in mind”. Their clothing is adjustable, eco-friendly, and responsibly made in America. Whitney love saying we are momguilt-free!

How have I never thought to look for this before?! I researched more into their site and found the bodysuit(aka onesies). There are short sleeve and long sleeve and bibs!



The amazing thing about these body suits is that you don’t need to buy them from 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12 months (because they’re a different size then 9-12!). That is a lot of money in body suits that you end up buying in order to keep up with the rapid growing of your child.


Here is the sizing chart for you to see the comparison! This is a pretty amazing thing. If you were to buy even 2-4 of these, you are saving yourself so much money. I can tell you if you looked in my garage right now you would be the crates upon crates of 0-12 months clothing and 90% of them are body suits!!!


Conventional brands want you buy 7 different sizes! That is so crazy! And we all do it because who would have thought there were other options?

Now you have some options. I hope you take a look into this and consider getting a few. I know from the baby clothes in my garage, the piles of unused clothes I had to put aside from my daughter growing out of them.

Whitney so graciously has offered any of my readers 20% off your first order! Make sure to use this code: TWL20


Fitness Clothing for a Cause

It’s not always easy finding great companies out there and my recent goal has been to find some great ones. While looking, I found Jenny (a great name already) and she told me about her company. Their mission and their products are quality and not always can you find a great company focused on women and making great connections.

She Lifts Gear is all about empowering women and bringing them together. You can read their entire mission on 5% of their proceeds go to the Dream Foundation – a charity that makes dreams reality for adults diagnosed with terminal illness. Jenny was inspired to create this company after her inspiration, her mom, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Not always do you find companies that are willing to give some of their proceeds to charities, so it’s always a great pleasure to find one that does. Plus she looks amazing! I love fitness and working out and good god, I hope I can look that fit one day.

I found a few super awesome items in their store that I wanted to share with you (click on each link to view the listing)

Here are her links:






Quinn Zapp Flex Stroller

The struggle is real when you are trying to find the right items to purchase for your baby registry and for your kids. My husband and I definitely had no idea what we were doing when we did our first registry. 3 years later, I have useless objects that I don’t use.

The next time around, I want to be more knowledgeable on products that I should buy and really consider them an investment instead of just to buy something. We recently looked into the Quinny Zap Flex Stroller.

This stroller was quick and easy to put together. My husband and I assembled it in less than 10 minutes.

There is TONS of storage room underneath the stroller which is great for me! The stroller moves very easily and the brake is easy to put on if needed. I love strollers that aren’t hard to push, and this one fits!

It also has adjustable straps, shade from the sun, easy disassemble and folds down small enough to store nicely. This is important because if you are traveling with a child you know the struggles of having a stroller fold up easily and the ability to make it compact is important! My daughter is 3 now so we face the stroller forwards but the really amazing thing is that it’s able to be turned around to face you!

It’s so important when you are able to have a multiple purpose purchase – front and back facing stroller AND can pair with a car seat. Buying this stroller is more of an investment and as a parent, it’s so important to choose wisely!

My thoughts on this stroller…..

Product Name: Quinny Zapp Flex Stroller

Recommend: Yes

Price: $$ (expensive – but can be used from infancy and connect to a car seat))

Assembly: Easy – all parts click together

Compact: Easy to store, folds down small, light weight

Color: Comes in different colors (Blue, Black, Natural)

Clean: Easy to clean and water resistant

Workouts, Meal Planning & Healthy Snacking

As a person who loves to work out and loves to try different fitness classes and cleanses, I hate changing my diet. Up until right before having a child, age 28, I was able to eat whatever I wanted and be able to work out once or twice a week and get away with it, not having to do much to maintain my body.

Fast forward 1 kid and 4 years later, working out 4-5 times a week and that is not enough. I refused to change my diet, thinking I could still eat whatever I wanted, and I’m not talking about all junk food here, but it did consist of chips here and there, some candy here and there, but for the most part it was decent. Never straight garbage food. But still, never able to lose any weight or inches, ever. Frustrating. How much more time did I need to dedicate to working out each week?!

3 things I noticed I needed to do constantly in order to change my body and tone it up: workout, meal planning and healthy snacking.

When I started my Advocare cleanse, the first thing I had to change was my diet. If I did not change it, there as no point in doing the diet. I had to get rid of coffee and replace is with a supplement they provided. Fine. Not ever a choice I would make, but had to do it in order to make changes. Another thing I had to do was meal plan. I have tried Beachbody 21 fix and you’re supposed to meal plan and all that but I never did, so essentially it wasn’t working for me either.

Meal Planning : With Advocare, I meal planned for all day and all week while I was at work. I prepped my breakfast, which was strawberries that I cut. I prepped my morning snack which was flavored almonds or celery and organic peanut butter. I prepped my lunch which was either tuna with celery, lentils, grilled shrimp over salad, quinoa, grilled cauliflower, and ground turkey with avocado, or ground turkey chili. All of it was pretty awesome! Really filling and tasted good.

When I came home for dinner, I also had to have planned what we were going to eat or we would just take a lazy route and eat something less healthy. We ate a LOT of fish and quinoa, vegetables, ground turkey, turkey burgers, avocado, turkey chili, grilled chicken. It ended up being easier than I thought to make all of these things than I had originally thought. My daughter was the hardest part, I had to make her other things because she doesn’t like fish but still it happened.

Working out: Once I started to change my diet, I coupled it with working out 3-5 times a week. I alternated between barre and 21 day fix 30 minute daily workouts. If I couldn’t get either of those in, I would run, walk or bike. There were many options, I just had to change my priority of time in order to fit it into my daily life.

Healthy Snacking: An option for a snack that I would eat as a mid morning snack were Vegan Protein Bars. These were also very good for me to eat prior to going to work out around 4:30, right after work, and it gave me energy to do my work out. Eating it about 30-40 minutes before going to work out is key. If you are not the type to eat before going to work out but always want to have a sort of protein after, these GoMacro Vegan Protein Bars are a great treat for after working out. The Protein Replenishment Peanut Butter bar is an excellent choice for after work out.  I have been using barre workouts and the 21 day fix workouts and each time it has been helpful.  They are super easy to purchase and you can get a case of 24 for 30$. Not a bad deal at all and that could last you almost all month if you ate one a day! They also are sold at Rite Aid, 7 Eleven, etc. you can look up your zip code to find them. Pretty useful. I know when I find a good product I have to just order it online so it will come quick!

When dieting and meal planning, you need to incorporate snacks into your diet. Otherwise you will end up eating something you shouldn’t. That always happens to me. I will be tempted by some sort of snack and that’s when my diet gets lost in the sauce.

For those who are very bad about being able to plan healthy meals, I would suggest writing out a schedule. This way you can stick to it. As a teacher, it was easy for me to set a schedule and stick with it. Otherwise I would never! Being all over the place and super busy is really hard for eating healthy. But as always, it is a lifestyle change and you need to change the way you eat if you plan to make some changes for better health in your life.

If you are busy and have kids and plans and not a lot of time to eat during the day, healthy snacking is where you need to perfect your diet. Green tea and lemon ginger tea are huge helpers as well for healthy snacking.