SOL:  New Hairdresser Anxiety 

Only Only moving to Washington State did I have to go out of my comfort zone and find a new hair dresser. Waiting until I flew back to New York to get my hair done was unreasonable… although it was definitely considered.

I don’t know about you but my hair is a very important aspect to me and I feel better when my hair looks good. I know it’s kind of silly, but with how quick my hair color flattens out and with little grey hairs appearing, it is important to me to make sure that I am keeping up with the color.

So I finally ran into an issue where my hairdresser out here I had found and gotten to like, is now booked this entire month and my brothers wedding is June 24th. I do not want to go be in the wedding and have my hair looking drab and blah colored! I will be in many of the pictures because we’re in the wedding party. Soo…. I am running out of options.

I reached out to some friends here and asked who they had do their hair. Another hair dresser I reached out to was booked for the entire month! How is this possible?! Two people are booked for the entire month?! Ugh!

I reached out to another lady who owned a salon and she was able to fit me in on a late night next week. Now, I am extremely grateful and I have seen someone who has had their hair done by this person, but I am still super nervous. What if they mess it up? What if it looks bad? There is always the chance that it could look bad but I do not have time for it to look bad! I have no time to get it redone after that point.

So, my new hair dresser anxiety is real! Does anyone else share this anxiety with me?


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7 thoughts on “SOL:  New Hairdresser Anxiety 

  1. Hair is really important to me too, it is your crowning glory after all. Regarding colour I have to say I am well impressed with E saloon who are an online colouring service. Check out their website. Unlike box colours you can buy e saloon colours are especially made for you it’s multi dimensional colours. First purchase half price 😉

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  2. I actually don’t have the same anxiety, but I can totally feel it through your post. I’m not the greatest about my hair in the case that I probably care less than most women. I’ll do my hair colour at the start of summer (usually before our cruise) and then leave it. Trims hardly happen with three kids. It’s usually a messy bun or ponytail anyway. 😛

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