SOL: Summer Blonde & Summer Goodbyes

Sometimes you just have to go blonde. And it’s the end of the year. Instead of being sad my 3rd graders are leaving me I can look forward to the summer and think of the beach in 2 weeks. The end of the year is coming too fast! I am almost not ready to let these kids go and then have to start all over with new kids in the fall. It’s bittersweet. Most years, I have not been able to wait to get rid of my class & start over. This year, I am more reluctant to have them move on!

Every year, the 3 years I have taught, my classes have been extremely difficult. This year, my class has been overall pretty good! They have been super simple & wanting to learn & overall nice. There is always that one who is difficult but it is every too difficult when there is only one of them!

I hope next year is as wonderful as this one was in 3rd grade. This will be the first year I am staying in the same grade, the same room & the same school. Kind of a record here! As we know how often things get moved around as teachers & how easily things change – it is quite amazing to stay in the same place & not have to move!



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12 thoughts on “SOL: Summer Blonde & Summer Goodbyes

  1. I feel your constant moving anxiety. The last three years, I’ve packed up and moved to three different rooms. Before that, 17 years in the same room, but hey, who’s counting! 🙂 Enjoy that, “wow, I know where that is” feeling, along with that “hey, I’ve done this more than once” feeling! It’s pretty awesome! 🙂

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  2. It is nice being able to stay in the same room with the same grade level says someone who only changed rooms or levels when I asked for the change. Glad you had a good year. Enjoy your beach time and time off.

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