SOL: D27, Reflections on our Writing Challenge

I cannot believe this month is almost over. What an enjoyable month for writing it has been. I never thought I would be able to do 31 days straight but at Day 27,  I can say I nailed it ! 

The first two weeks were hard. It took me the longest time to think of what I was going to write. After two weeks, I had enough consistent topics to write about. 

3 weeks in, I almost had too many topics and running out of time! Funny how that works. 

I wish we had a Slice of Life Challenge in July when I have nothing really going on! I feel like it would help struggling bloggers to gain readers and make blogger friends. 

Feelings of positivity come out of my writing challenge. It was more about me and if I felt like I could challenge myself to stick to it and make it a priority. 

Here we are with only 4 days left and I have feelings of sadness that I won’t be reading as many blog posts each day and hearing about others lives especially those that are teachers. I love hearing about other teachers lives. It’s like a close knit community because we all have the same problems all over the world. 

Just a few more days, and then it’s April. I can hardly believe it ! 


I am writing with the Slice of Life Writing Challenge by Two Writing Teachers. 


15 thoughts on “SOL: D27, Reflections on our Writing Challenge

  1. Yes! I feel the same way today! I can’t believe it’s over Friday! I also REALLY can’t believe that I haven’t missed a day! As a first time slicer, I’m already looking forward to the next challenge! 🙂 Have enjoyed reading your slices! Great job with the challenge! 🙂

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  2. This truly is an amazing community. So glad you are now a part of it and hope you continue with the weekly posts after the challenge is over. After all, if you still have so many ideas that you didn’t get a chance to write about…

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  3. It did go by quickly, Jennifer! And I have enjoyed meeting new people through it. Do you slice on the Tuesday #SOL17 that goes on all year. Most of the time I manage to post for it. And then I also enjoy #PoetryFriday every week. I don’t think I could do another 31 day stretch, even in the summer.


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