SOL: D28, A Birthday Post 

Happy birthday to me! This was my 26th birthday. Lots of fun that year ! 

I borrowed this format posts format from Read. Reflect. Teach. 

Since it’s my 32nd birthday today and I have parent teacher conferences all day until 7pm I figured this layout was perfect for me today. 

Thinking about: who will reach out to me on my birthday and what will my husband do for it. Last year my birthday sucked there was a death in my husbands family and he was away during my whole birthday. It was just not a good time to be celebrating. This year we are very close to the same thing that happened and it just doesn’t feel like a time to celebrate either. 

Thankful for:
 my mom and dad for always going above and beyond anything they ever needed to. Especially for me and own family. And today I received a circle table in my classroom and it seriously made my whole week! (I swear this is the decluttered version of my room)

Wishing For:
 time to go faster. My parents come one week from this Friday and I cannot wait ! I haven’t seen them in person (FaceTime doesn’t count) since Christmas. 

: Beachcombers by Nancy Thayer. I didn’t like her first book that I read. I felt the writing was too simple. But this was has a better plot line and more well developed characters. Especially when comparing her books to Elin Hilderbrand, they are ok. But I wanted the Nantucket Beach reading to still continue and I read all of Elin’s books already ! 

: The ongoing watching of the Sopranos. I feel like this show is just like Weeds. It took us like a year to watch all of them. They were soooo good though! 
Listening to: The movement of my daughter in her crib trying to go to sleep. 

: Water with strawberries in it. 

: calm. 


I am writing with the Slice of Life Challenge by Two Writing Teachers.  


15 thoughts on “SOL: D28, A Birthday Post 

  1. I really like this format. I just had a birthday…except I turned 59. Yikes! Time flies! I don’t think your classroom looks cluttered but it does look inviting, one I would enjoy walking into. Sorry you have have conferences all day…they can be so stressful or fun, depending on the parents. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

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  2. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day! Your classroom looks very cozy and I am excited to see Kate Messner’s “The Seventh Wish” on your table. Is that your read aloud?


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