Holiday Cards 

Ah the cards. Every year I dread these but I know they have to be done. 

There are so many people we have to send  cards to it’s almost ridiculous. 

Simply to Impress has given me good deals, they are super easy to make online and come in the mail rather quickly- like within 3 days and free shopping. 

Overall cards are expensive, especially when you need a lot of them! And then the stamp cost. Agh! A whole other expense for the holidays. 

Clearly my Facebook pictures are not good enough that I have to make cards and mail them! And there is no way with a child that I could get away with not sending a card. Everyone is expecting you to send one because you have a child. 

Is that a requirement you check off in the hospital. 

✔️will send holiday cards until child is 18. 
Well, 16 more years to go. 

Why don’t I have address stickers again?! 


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