SOL: Christmas Traditions

Every year we go to my aunts house for Christmas. For as long as I remember, it’s been that way. Even in 1996 on the east coast when there was a total blizzard, we still went. 

Weather can’t break tradition!

Now being on the opposite coast makes it harder to come home often and it suxks to travel but you know what ? So many people do it all the time in December.  

How could I miss it ? For what? Missing it would kill my soul. And not just mine, but everyone’s because of Hailey.  

Since my aunt moved last year, another aunt took over. It felt so different. Like we were cheating on my other aunts house. We had done Christmas at that house since I could remember, I would even say as far as 5. So like 24 years at least. 


Talk about a tradition. 

And we always take pictures in front of the tree. 

What are your Christmas traditions ? 

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13 thoughts on “SOL: Christmas Traditions

  1. Ooooh tons of traditions! We go to the local Santa Claus Parade and come home to put up our tree and decorate. We bake cookies. We’ll watch Elf yearly. We visit the local Christmas Market. We do Santa photos. We have an Elf on the Shelf. Too many traditions, but love them all!


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