SOL: D14, Math Grant Success Minus One Detail 

My union at my school offered up $200 grants if you filled out the papers and put it together. As I am a officer of the union and I filled this out last year I tried again and got it!

This year I filled out the grant for math fact practice machines and I got approved for 13 of them! So awesome ! 

Minus one detail I forgot ….. 

can you guess what I forgot ?



And you know what it’s fine since I didn’t buy them,,,,, but you know what’s not fine? 


I mean come on! 

Thank god for the dollar store ! 
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12 thoughts on “SOL: D14, Math Grant Success Minus One Detail 

  1. Lucky you to get the grant! Make sure you figure out how to turn the sound off before you begin using them! Ask your PTC to help with the batteries! They usually love helping out like that! I would get rechargeable ones that way you can use them over and over!


  2. Bummer…sorry to hear that. They should be making stuff like that with the solar panels like they do the calculators. 🙂 At least the dollar store batteries do last awhile! Happy Facts Time to the kiddos!


  3. It seems so obvious, but it’s so exciting to actually have the devices that the little things get overlooked. Yay, Dollar Store!


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