Daily Prompt: Or

Paracas, Peru. 
What An amazing place. There’s so much I should write about Peru but it was so many years ago, I wish I could remember it all.  That’ll be for another post. 
When I look at this picture, I think about a time when my life was so different, I was dating a guy and we kept traveling everywhere we could get to. This was our second location and it was fabulous. We had been to Costa Rica prior to and equally as fabulous. 

This beach was a red rock beach. I remember looking at it for so long and thinking to myself was this the best it gets or can I make life better ? 

We were not getting along but Peru was beautiful. 

Will we stay together or when we get home it’s over ?  Should I even go home or stay in Peru ? 

This beautiful sea helped me choose my path. It was in the middle of the desert but on the coast at the same time. 

It was just as confused as I was, as to where it was, irregular sand , desert in the background, vacant areas all around.  

Should I stay or should I go ? 
This is in response to the daily posts prompts 


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