SOL: A Little Moment of Joy at Daycare Drop Off


My daughter went back to daycare today for the first time in like almost 3 weeks! I was terrified. Especially since Grandma is here and she didn’t go to school yesterday… I was worried!

I thought we were looking at dragging out of Grandma’s room…. crying on the floor….. screaming the whole way to daycare…crying when walking in…. clinging to me not to leave her….

All legit fears!!!

However, none of this happened! I was in shock.

Actually the opposite happened.

She wanted to wear a dress, she packed her backpack and jumped in the car! She got to daycare and all the girls were SO excited to see her. When she walked in the classroom, the kids all surrounded her and hugged her. My daughter had the biggest smile on her face.

It was definitely a wonderful mom win moment knowing that my daughter has friends there and the kids were happy to see her.




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Working Out With Your Dog

Do you have a dog? Do you bring your dog on walks or just let them out in the backyard? If you have an English Bulldog like me, you know how difficult it is to get them up and exercising. They are super lazy and sometimes I feel like we are the same! Ha ha!

Recently, I have been trying to incorporate all family members in walks around the neighborhood after dinner. Since having a yard at my house, it has been easier to just be lazy and not hold myself accountable for going walking or hiking. It is very easy to be lazy when you are not focusing on being fit.

Having a English Bulldog, our dog tends to get fat. He is lazy and doesn’t do well in heat so he does not like to walk. Like I mentioned, I have fallen into this spell as well! But this past month, we have made it a point to go for a walk every night at least a mile. Myself, my husband, my daughter and Caesar (our dog) walk the mile route everyday after dinner. This has helped us to bond as a family, be more active, and get everyone up and moving.

Without even really knowing it, this can benefit everyone, especially if you usually just let your dog out in the backyard (guilty).

Take a look at some really other activities that you can do with your dog to get both of your exercise in everyday!


Quinn Zapp Flex Stroller

The struggle is real when you are trying to find the right items to purchase for your baby registry and for your kids. My husband and I definitely had no idea what we were doing when we did our first registry. 3 years later, I have useless objects that I don’t use.

The next time around, I want to be more knowledgeable on products that I should buy and really consider them an investment instead of just to buy something. We recently looked into the Quinny Zap Flex Stroller.

This stroller was quick and easy to put together. My husband and I assembled it in less than 10 minutes.

There is TONS of storage room underneath the stroller which is great for me! The stroller moves very easily and the brake is easy to put on if needed. I love strollers that aren’t hard to push, and this one fits!

It also has adjustable straps, shade from the sun, easy disassemble and folds down small enough to store nicely. This is important because if you are traveling with a child you know the struggles of having a stroller fold up easily and the ability to make it compact is important! My daughter is 3 now so we face the stroller forwards but the really amazing thing is that it’s able to be turned around to face you!

It’s so important when you are able to have a multiple purpose purchase – front and back facing stroller AND can pair with a car seat. Buying this stroller is more of an investment and as a parent, it’s so important to choose wisely!

My thoughts on this stroller…..

Product Name: Quinny Zapp Flex Stroller

Recommend: Yes

Price: $$ (expensive – but can be used from infancy and connect to a car seat))

Assembly: Easy – all parts click together

Compact: Easy to store, folds down small, light weight

Color: Comes in different colors (Blue, Black, Natural)

Clean: Easy to clean and water resistant

A New Site for Shopping Deals

Recently, I have been researching and searching out new companies, businesses, blogs, instagrams, facebooks, etc to follow and learn from. In that search, I fell upon this website . I cannot tell you how much I love online shopping!!

Now, I always love finding high quality items for a lower price than normal, who doesn’t?! Obviously when you look for these things you risk the quality of what you are buying/searching. With all that in mind, this website popped up and I checked it out.

It’s a community of people who are curating designer products you can buy at ridiculous prices. At the moment they are focused on items from AliExpress which has millions of products you can buy direct from factories. They have 100’s of creatives who are curating new products every day. explained Thieve as “ is the latest in a number of start-ups dedicated to helping shoppers find cool things they can buy, but restricts itself to the millions of products on AliExpress.”

I decided to do a search of my own search for my daugthers room, and normally this cute addition is a little pricey! But I happen to stumble upon this hanging teepee and its not badly priced at all!!! 

The buying process was super easy and delivery options were not bad at all. I was quite impressed. They are a newer site but already have SO many items on there.

If you love deals and buying nice quality items for a lower price, I would definitely recommend checking out their site!

SOL: A Enjoyment of Fireworks

Seeing my daughter absolutely love the fireworks tonight was one of a kind happiness. 

We got to visit a town I hadn’t been to in a while since being back on the east coast and I was there with three of my girl friends that hadn’t really seen Hailey in a long time, it was just great. These are the moments I live for and love. 

Last summer, she was scared of the fireworks at the carnival so I was skeptical about her liking these fireworks. However, she has definitely changed since last summer and she loved them so much. She yelled “OH MY GOD I LOVE ORANGE” or “OH MY GOD I LOVE BLUE” every time a firework went off she would say the color it was and that she loved it! 

Just such a mom winning moment- you have to cherish those forever ❤️
Happy 4th💋🇺🇸


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With my 1 year anniversary of my blog this week, I wanted to thank my readers with a giveaway. Everyone can use a free lip gloss for the summer! 

It’s been one year already and here we are! I was sitting in the cabin in the woods wondering what I was going to do with my summer and I decided to start writing again.  Although this year was hard to keep up because of the demands of national boards, this summer will be my time to write as much as I can! 

I wanted to start off the summer with a nice giveaway. 

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Thank you again for believing in my blog and giving me hope to keep going!