Fitness Clothing for a Cause

It’s not always easy finding great companies out there and my recent goal has been to find some great ones. While looking, I found Jenny (a great name already) and she told me about her company. Their mission and their products are quality and not always can you find a great company focused on women and making great connections.

She Lifts Gear is all about empowering women and bringing them together. You can read their entire mission on 5% of their proceeds go to the Dream Foundation – a charity that makes dreams reality for adults diagnosed with terminal illness. Jenny was inspired to create this company after her inspiration, her mom, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Not always do you find companies that are willing to give some of their proceeds to charities, so it’s always a great pleasure to find one that does. Plus she looks amazing! I love fitness and working out and good god, I hope I can look that fit one day.

I found a few super awesome items in their store that I wanted to share with you (click on each link to view the listing)

Here are her links:







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