A New Site for Shopping Deals

Recently, I have been researching and searching out new companies, businesses, blogs, instagrams, facebooks, etc to follow and learn from. In that search, I fell upon this website thieve.co . I cannot tell you how much I love online shopping!!

Now, I always love finding high quality items for a lower price than normal, who doesn’t?! Obviously when you look for these things you risk the quality of what you are buying/searching. With all that in mind, this website popped up and I checked it out.

It’s a community of people who are curating designer products you can buy at ridiculous prices. At the moment they are focused on items from AliExpress which has millions of products you can buy direct from factories. They have 100’s of creatives who are curating new products every day.

Stuff.co explained Thieve as “Thieve.co is the latest in a number of start-ups dedicated to helping shoppers find cool things they can buy, but restricts itself to the millions of products on AliExpress.”

I decided to do a search of my own search for my daugthers room, and normally this cute addition is a little pricey! But I happen to stumble upon this hanging teepee and its not badly priced at all!!! 

The buying process was super easy and delivery options were not bad at all. I was quite impressed. They are a newer site but already have SO many items on there.

If you love deals and buying nice quality items for a lower price, I would definitely recommend checking out their site!


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