Being a Mom Made me a Better Person

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Being a mom saved me.

Being a mom made me a better person.

Being a mom made me more patient.

Being a mom made me realize the importance of family.

Being a mom gave me a beautiful bit of joy that I could share with the world.

There are so many more things that I could write that “being a mom” gave me, but all in all, it has made me the best version of myself I could have ever been. What do I mean by that? Well,ย so many things!

First things first, I took everything in life a little bit more seriously. Working I took more seriously. I wanted to be the best teacher for this kids. Not saying that I didn’t care before but it was a different caring.

I took family more seriously. Visiting families and keeping in touch, sharing my daughter with as many family members as possible.

It took researching food types and how to be healthy and what was the best lifestyle for a child in a new family. All life changes occurred.

Being a mom changed me – it turned me into a more cautious, realistic, adult.

It’s almost hard to put it into words.



18 thoughts on “Being a Mom Made me a Better Person

  1. We give up so much for our children, in the best way possible! This post brings me back to my breastfeeding journey. It was not easy but I wanted to do it for my son.

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