Fashion for Toddlers 

Recently, Hailey has become obsessed with all dresses, skirts & any type of clothing that twirls with her when she spins. She says that she looks like a princess. I have decided to keep up with this fun fashion time & try to buy more clothes that look like this description & not just for dress up but for all times for her to wear.

I have been big on finding small, local companies on Instagram & Facebook a& trying to promote their clothing. There are so many small companies trying to compete with the big wig clothing companies & it’s just not comparable.

I discovered a really fun company called Little Fashion Shoppe, located centrally in New York (funny right since now I live on the other side of the country). Either way, I always represent New York, so I looked to their clothes and my goodness, are they cute or what!

This picture is just one of the cute outfits that they have in their clothing styles. The best part about The Little Fashion Shoppe is that some of the clothes come in outfits!

Outfits are huge for me especially when trying to find nice clothing for my daughter. You can always get a t-shirt or shorts, pants, skirt, but it’s hard to find a nice outfit that your child can wear to an event. Right now even is so important with graduations, weddings, birthdays, summer holidays, all coming up & you want your child in something cute to show around. I have my brothers wedding coming up in 2 weeks and we need a dress for the rehearsal dinner, a dress for the day of the wedding, the flower girl dress & and then an outfit for when she wants to take off the flower girl dress on the night of the wedding & THEN another outfit for the brunch the next day.

I don’t know about you, but my girl comes home DIRTY from daycare. Like she roles around in mud all day long. So all her “normal” day to day clothing has grass stains and mud on them. So nothing that I own for her normal day to day is good enough for these special events coming up. Hence my search for some cute outfits & falling upon The Little Fashion Shoppe.



If you love this outfit, go check out the some of the dresses on their site, I also have the Michelle Outfit, and I cannot wait to show you how she looks in it! It is going to be adorable.



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