SOL: High School Days


Recently, a bunch of people I went to high school with started a new Facebook page all about the town that I grew up in & people were posting pictures etc. It consumed a huge part of my Mother’s Day, looking at pictures, seeing all the people that I went to school with & what they look like now & their lives, etc. It’s so interesting to see what people looked like in high school and how they have turned out now and who they married, where they live, what they do as a job, etc.

I was not a fan of high school and had lots of girl drama and honestly, as a high schooler, it was traumatic. But looking back on it now, I wish it had not been! I actually like the girls I had problems with now, it all seems to have been so petty. But it was what it was, and I didn’t enjoy my high school years, I let drama get the best of me and I labeled it as terrible.

But now that I look back on it, it was not that bad. There were really great people and I had really great memories. Maybe it’s because I look at some of my students lives and think, they will never get to have the great experience that I had living in the town I did with the family I had and the people I knew.

It’s just kind of fun to think about the past and all the different things I did and went through and the different people situations.

Do you ever reminisce on the past?


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2 thoughts on “SOL: High School Days

  1. Interesting, how our perspective changes as we get older, and how much we like knowing about the lives of our classmates, and how much we’ve let go of! I often wish I could change some of my “adolescent” self as well now that I “know better”, but then I also feel that maybe it was supposed to happen the way it did, so we could become who we are?. Hope you had a great mother’s day! 🙂

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