SOL: Testing & Uploading

Last week we just took our first ELA state test as a 3rd grade and wow they did well! It ended up being 43 questions which was longer than anticipated and then on top of that it took them all day long. Some of the kids didn’t even finish until the next day.

I am so proud of them. They really tried hard. Except that one. Raced through it, didn’t read it. Theres always that one.  

At the same time as state testing, I am in the final stages of my National Boards uploading and finishing the essays/evidence/forms. What a crazy process – let me tell you! I have been taking days off to finish the papers and upload the components – it is just a crazy event altogether. I submitted one of the components today and that was super stressful.

This is just that time of year of super stress. You know it if you are teaching grade 3 and up because you are testing, finishing out the end of the year and getting everything ready. Ugh – just a lot.

I wish all teachers the best in this end of the year countdown and struggles!


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9 thoughts on “SOL: Testing & Uploading

  1. I once heard this advice: Wear a rubber band on your wrist. When you feel stressed and pessimistic thoughts running you in a circle, snap the elastic on your wrist to let those thoughts go and think an empowering thought. Haven’t tried the elastic myself personally… just always remember what my mama told me: “This too shall pass.”

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  2. Ah, yes…’tis that time of year. I am currently — on top of teaching and state testing and all the normal stuff — writing six IEPs for meetings that I have next week. Talk about crazy! Good luck to you in getting through all your craziness! 🙂 ~JudyK

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