If I had $10,000 to Redesign my House…

I watch too much HGTV. I have an obsession with a lot of the shows that are on there, but I really love any show that goes in and redecorates houses into amazing looking living spaces. After watching many different episodes this weekend of Fixer Upper, I thought it would be really nice to wonder what it would be like to have $10,000 extra dollars to remodel the inside of my kitchen and living room.

My favorite type of design (which is funny because I have none of this) is farmhouse style designs. I have been trying to find some pieces but it’s always so expensive, I usually just stay away from it. But I have been watching these shows on HGTV and Pinterest really is not a big help because they just encourage me to buy things, so I have been thinking bigger and outside of the box.

I started looking into a personal loan so that I could actually make these designs come true. Ever since we bought our house, I have wanted to redesign the inside, but it has always been last on the spending list. But why can’t there be a solution to this? Well, I found the answer. Taking a personal loan can help me turn my house into a dream house.  When you see what I would do, well you might just want to look it up as well!

Now that I have been looking, I honestly cannot decide what I would do… so here are my different options:

If I could redesign my kitchen, this is exactly what it would look like:


I have a wall between my kitchen and living room, so the first thing that would need to go was the wall. Then this kitchen layout would actually be possible. The floors, the redesign of the cabinets, and that island  ($4k) would put me right around my budget of $10,000.

Now, I know the kitchen costs a lot, but if I chose a different direction, I could do my daughter’s bedroom  for my budget of $10k.

fh 3

or another bed built into the wall but a lighter design and we would have to redo the floors with hardwood floors, but it looks amazing. Adding in throw pillows from Joanna’s store would add the perfect touch.

fh 4

My last option would be my bathroom. My bathroom is big enough that there can be a few more details added into it to make it an amazing room.

fh 5

Adding in the floor, the bath tub, all glass shower and the beautiful cabinets would bring me to my budget.

It’s awesome to dream, but when you are able to make your dreams come true, that changes everything. If you don’t find out what is possible, nothing ever will be. Taking the step to move forward to your dreams is what is needed, especially when spending money and making life decisions. You may not think it is, but remodeling your house is a life decision. I know for certain if I walked into a house that looked like these above pictures, I would put an offer to buy it immediately. I am hoping I can make that same situation happen by remodeling.



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