Spring Break = Cleaning & Redecorating

It is officially Spring break and we have been organizing and cleaning, throwing things out, trying to de-clutter every part of our house from winter. As I am working on National Boards literally all week long, I am also looking for some furniture to turn our downstairs room into an actual room that has something to it.

Right now it’s just a room that has some random furniture in it and literally serves no purpose.

One piece of furniture that would help organize our room would be this Storage Bench. We have chestnut wood colored furniture and this would be perfect:

Lift Top Storage Bench

Another amazing piece that would look great in my basement room would be this Lenora Merlot Room Divider. We have a lot of memorabilia that we need to put on some shelves but they would be in cases so this would be a perfect replacement for shelves.

This room divider would be absolutely perfect! A great way to make the room seem bigger would be to add a full length mirror. It matches with the coloring and would provide a nice opening in the room since there are no windows.

Abbyson Living Blaketon Leather Floor Mirror in Black

The last piece I am looking to add since there are no actual seats down there, would be a nice desk. We have a desk down there but it is small and cannot actually be used to work on. This Ivy League Cherry Desk & Hutch would really compliment the downstairs area with the memorabilia shelves and a nice mirror to open up the room. ot_dsk_3422901p-Ivy-League-Cherry-Desk-and-Hutch

Spring cleaning is turning out to be rather amazing!

What are you doing on Spring Break?


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