SOL: D26, Morning Walks

Morning walks are back again.

Enjoying the day as it begins.

Coffee in hand.

Hailey by my side.

Viewing the scenery of the neighborhood.

Family time to its fullest.

Smiles as wide as the sky.

Smiling and friendly neighbors.

Conversations with those emerging from the winter.

Spring decorations hung in the yards.

Rakes and grass seed as far as you can see.

Still too early to plant flowers.

But some are popping up from the ground.

The sun is hiding behind the clouds now.

Time to go back into hibernation.



I am writing with the Slice of Life Writing Challenge from the Two Writing Teachers. img_8909-3


18 thoughts on “SOL: D26, Morning Walks

  1. I am really looking forward to being able to go for walks in our neighbourhood again! I could have gone all winter, I suppose, but it’s just not as enjoyable!

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  2. Observations and fresh air tend to get the creative juices flowing. Improvements in the weather bring people out and this gives us vital interactions. All these things are critical elements to those of us who choose to write. May the walking continue to call you out.

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