SOL: D25, Timehops are Depressing

Except my interesting 3 years ago was interesting !!!!!!! 

Next week is my birthday and I made it a point earlier in life before teaching to go on vacation during the week. It was the perfect time because it was in between spring breaks or it was right around Spring Break for college, so we were able to leave and no one missed us.

This is what I saw on time hop today:

10 years ago, I was in Bahamas.

8 years ago, I was in Costa Rica.

7 years ago, I was in Jamaica

5 years ago, Florida.

4 years ago, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3 years ago, State testing my students in New York.

Last year? Parent Teacher Conferences.

This year? Parent Teacher Conferences.


Ugh! Time hop makes me sad! 😦



I am writing as part of the Slice of Life Challenge with the Two Writing Teachers.





12 thoughts on “SOL: D25, Timehops are Depressing

  1. Wow!! You had some great vacations over the years!! Oh how I remember the days of going on vacations over my breaks! Good times!! How I love/hate being reminded from time hop and “on this day”!of how I used to live before becoming a mom . Hope you get away soon!

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