SOL: D22, Our Cabbage Plants Arrived!

This year I have spent a lot of time of my life looking up places that will either come into my classroom and do projects or bring fun things for my students to do. And by students I mean the whole 3rd grade. 

So far I have gotten Home Depot to come in and build things with them. Amazing. Then our wildlife facility in the area where most people go on field trips to came to us and we dissected owl pellets.  Even more amazing!! 

Next is our cabbage plants. 3rd grade is doing a cabbage planting contest to see who can grow the biggest cabbage and we turn it in for a chance of a scholarship. They loved it. It’s just so awesome that a company provides these for classes for free! So fun. They get to bring it home and water it and plant it and make it grow. Then they have to take pictures of it and bring it in to show us how it’s doing.  

A few others I found were our electric company has a kids program and they will come in. Lastly I contacted our wildlife program to come in and talk to our class. 

I am weird like this. Reaching out to people to better my classroom. And this year has worked significantly. 

Are there any countrywide field trips you can do like I did? I am looking for more ideas! 

I am a Slice of Life challenger with Two Writing Teachers. 


14 thoughts on “SOL: D22, Our Cabbage Plants Arrived!

  1. Thats great! I remember in my kindergarten practicing, the kids grew beans and involved it in science and math and writing. Plants are such an awesome way to show life and how to take care of something simple 🙂


  2. I love seeing gardening incorporated into the classroom! I do it year round in my K class, but I like the added touch of giving them their own plant to nurture and observe, with the motivation of winning a prize for the biggest plant! I’ll have to see how we can modify it for our Kindergarten students…


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