SOL: D18, Concerts & Date Night 

My first country concert was Eric Church and we saw him last night. He put on an amazing concert. 

I was never a fan of country music until I met my husband and even then I still was not too keen on it. 

But last night swayed my opinion. I think I love it now! Or maybe I just love Eric Church. Either way… it was awesome- especially on St. Patrick’s Day! 

I haven’t been to a live music concert since before my daughter and I haven’t been to one with my husband. The last one I saw was Audioslave in NYC. 

Now I wish I had spent more money to be seated closer… but overall, it was a grey lay concert and I highly recommend seeing him. 

Do you love country music ? Am I the only weirdo who didn’t love it until now ?!

I’m writing with the Slice of Life challenge and the Two Writing Teachers. 


15 thoughts on “SOL: D18, Concerts & Date Night 

  1. Sounds like a fun date night and he looks like he is easy on the eyes? I have to admit I am not a country music fan and I am in the vast monitory among my family and friends. Maybe, I’ll get swayed if one of them get me to go to a live show?! Maybe I should give it a try!


  2. Never liked country music until I joined the Corps and it seemed like everyone played it. I had a buddy who played the same old tapes over and over. The other day I was listening to pandora an up popped a song that I had not heard in years. I was singing along before I knew what was happening. I think it had been twenty years but I still knew most of the words. I guess I really have friends in low places.


  3. I enjoy country music. Funny tho, when we’d take a group of high school students and on a field trip, the driver would play the country station loudly and the kids do would complain. They’d say they hated it, but knew all the words to every song.


  4. Eric Church is one of my favorites! Country concerts and music is great because there’s a message that everyone can connect with on their own terms. The songs are stories, about life, and that brings more genuine energy and connections between people!


  5. I didn’t like country until I was stuck in the hospital for a few days 13 years ago and the country station was one of the stations I got. I discovered I really liked the newer stuff. Sounds like a wonderful date night!


  6. Country music comes and goes for me on whether I like it. I use to really not enjoy listening to it, but then for about a year, I had almost every radio station in my car turned to a Country station :p Now, it is on the backburner again – live shows always make music better as well!!


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