SOL: D17, March Madness

Living in Spokane has me paying way more attention to March Madness that ever before because of Gonzaga University. 

The university is housed here in Spokane and along with all the crazy Seahawks fans, Spokane is 100% with Gonzaga. They cannot be altered.

 There is only the Seahawks and Gonzaga. Apparently if you don’t like them… then you  just need to. End of story. 

However, I will never agree to being a Seahawks fan as I am east coast giants/jets for life but I can be convinced of Gonzaga. 

So here I am with Gonzaga half way through my bracket (thank goodness they won) and also in 12th place (last). Ugh. 

How is your bracket doing ?! 

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11 thoughts on “SOL: D17, March Madness

  1. I don;t follow basketball, or any other sport for that matter. And yet, I know about that other March madness. We were in a staff development training yesterday and my principal was checking her brackets. It truly is madness.


  2. I have a good feeling about them this year! 🙂 I do have them going to the championship game in both my brackets and winning won, so Fingers crossed for your team!!! 🙂


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