SOL: D19, Bartending

For 3 years during my master’s degree, I was a bartender in 4 different bars. I worked at 2 at the same time, and then 2 others at a different time. At one point, 3 bars were happening at the same time.

During the day, I would go to classes or student teach. Right afterwards, I would go to the bars and work all night, sometimes until 1 am or later. Then I would drive one hour back home and do it all over again the next day. Sometimes I would work 7 days a week, working double jobs. I was kind of crazy, if you haven’t gotten that already from reading my blog.

I made a lot of friends bartending. Unfortunately, the difference between bartending and working at a coffeeshop and the people that you meet, bartending customers are your best friend behind the bar and when you can give them free drinks and you will stay out and party with them and so forth.

I helped close two bars in a row. That totally sucked. The owners just ran out of money. They were in remote locations and they weren’t drawing enough crowds. So sad. Such great owners and coworkers.

When I first started, I had no idea how to make a single drink. One the the bartenders trained me and a I became the best bartender ever ! I made tons and tons of money !!!

It all came to an end when I got a real job teaching and then came the pregnancy. One thing I don’t miss though is the late nights!!!

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13 thoughts on “SOL: D19, Bartending

  1. My daughter is a teacher and thought she’d love some extra money so why not be a bartender until she realized she’d be giving up her evenings and weekends… so. she changed her mind. Fun post!


  2. Wow, that makes me tired just thinking of all those hours working day and night. I could have handled it when I was younger, but wouldn’t even want to try now! haha ~JudyK


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