SOL: D15, Happy Faces 

Daddy finally came home from being away for a week at his dad’s funeral. It has been a sad time throughout our house. Too expensive for all of us to make the trip to Florida, and Hailey and I still going to work/school.

Her and I spent a lot of time together and she was sick over the weekend so we didn’t go out very much. Since there are no other kids in the house, it was literally just me and her the whole time. I think by the end of the weekend, she was bored with me!

Daddy came home and this girl’s cheese smile grew so big I thought it would fall off her face! She was so excited.

It is relief when the little one is sick and it’s just me having to worry all about it, and then all of a sudden it’s not.

Happy faces all around last night.


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15 thoughts on “SOL: D15, Happy Faces 

  1. She’s adorable and I love the smile and happiness on her face. I’m sure you had a big smile as well to have the hubby home, and to be able to get a bit of a break after doing it all by yourself the last few days.


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