SOL: D6, Amazing Reads

I just finished this book this weekend by Elin Hilderbrandand right before hand , The Beach Club and I have to tell you, they were so incredibly good! 

If you have not read any books by her, all her books take place in Nantucket and they all intertwine. You will read some books and see characters from others in them! It’s awesome. What an amazing writer. That takes some serious talent to keep coming up with amazing stories in the same location and then intertwining the books. You don’t hear of that often. 

The past two books were about the hospitality business and I used to bartend for many years so it hit close to home. The way she described the day in the life of a restaurant worker and a hotel worker was spot on, perfect. 

It made me want to go back to working in a restaurant because of how close you become with your coworkers and how much work it is and the fast paced envrionement. 

And of course it talked about love and Nantucket. All that you just wish for, along with summer. 

If you loved working in a restaurant, you will love The Blue Bistro! 
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