SOL: When to have another child?!


My daughter is 2 and a half right now. I am stuck with when I feel like would be a good age for another child.

There are lots of reasons for my choices. Some are selfish, some are about money and where we will be living, some are about my parents and how much they hate being away from Hailey, let alone another child.

I know she would love to have another sibling. I just don’t know if I want to go through pregnancy and having a baby again and such.

When is there really a good time to have a child? Or another one? I know my choices and questions are not what everyone else is thinking.  I have a friend who struggles to get pregnant and is wishing she had another kid, while I am over here debating whether or not I should do it now or later. It’s nice to have choices and I feel badly for her that she does not have the choice. However, sometimes having the choice, makes it even harder because then you are able to pick a time.

It’s also hard to have this conversation with people because not everyone understands what I think without impeding their opinions.

But she needs a sibling….. ugh! Seeing her with my best friends two girls made me confirm she needs one, but when, when when?!


Am I alone in this challenging choice? What are your thoughts?



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