National Boards: Editing Nightmare


For those who do not know what National Boards for teachers is, it is an accelerated teaching program that has 4 components where you need to go above and beyond with how you teach and why you do what you do in the classroom, specifically focusing on one student and then the whole class. This includes a 13 page paper, 2 video taped lessons of 15 minutes each, a 3 hour test, another 15 page page, 2 written papers about the videos… and I think that’s it!

My teaching partner and I decided we would do this in one year. Why not!? Its possible to do, we are going to do it. But right now it is just a lot of work. I am in the process of making edits to my 19 page paper that can only be 13 pages at the most and I had two people read my paper and correct it. There are so many corrections. You would think I was not a good writer.

But the one thing I have noticed about my writing is that I tend to add in a lot of extra nouns that don’t need to be there. Some of the most common words I have been deleting are: and, the, be able to, that, with, were, was, also, noticed

And the list goes on.

I am hoping to finish this paper tonight, however, it is midnight and I am on page 11 of 19…. and I started quite a while ago!



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