What Teachers Really Do on Week Breaks 

Everyone thinks it’s so great to be a teacher because we have all this time off and we get to sit around and do nothing all that time. 

What a common misconception about the reality of a teacher. Especially teachers with kids. 

What do most teachers do during a break in the middle of the year ? One would always like to think go to a tropical island and lay on the beach and drink pina cooladas right ?  And sometimes that could be the case. But usually it is doing all the things you are unable to accomplish during the week when you are working – doctors appointments.

Most people who work in an office can leave for an hour or two and go to these appointments or they can run those errands that they need to go so when it’s time to get off of work, they can just go home.  Unfortunately that does not work the same for teachers. I could not ever leave during the day for an appointment during the day! I would have to find a person to cover my class and then write sub plans for what they should do with them, if there is even a sub available. And I definitely couldn’t leave and then go back! That is not acceptable. 

So here I sit this week off, when I wish I could be on a tropical island, I am sitting in doctors office after doctors office getting all my appointments in so that I don’t have to do it all over April break too! Literally all week long. Dentist for me, dentist for Hailey,  vet for my cat, other doctors for me, etc. 

Ugh. Adulting! 

How many doctors will you see over your break ?!


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