SOL: Sun Burn, Sciatic Nerve Pain and Pregnant = What a Vacation


Being pregnant was not an easy one on my body! At that time I was not a fitness lover and I did not work out prior to or during at all. This was hard on my body because it was not used to so much weight coming quickly.

That being said, when we went to Puerto Rico for our baby moon,  I was 6 months pregnant and I felt huge! I remember in the car as we drove across Puerto Rico,  I remember that was the first time I felt the baby kick.

Prior to going to Puerto Rico, I was having some bad sciatic nerve pain. I had been seeing a Chiropractor, but I had only just started and I was just dying in serious pain, but  I would not allow that to stop me! We drove from one side of the country to another and experience such a different culture on each side of the island.

However, upon reaching Puerto Rico, it just continued to get worse and was, obviously, not going away as much as I willed it away since we were on the beach and not in the snow. To my surprise this did not work, but I continued to power through. By the 3rd day, I was having a seriously hard time walking and I was sun burnt. Nevertheless, I am a very stubborn and would not let this ruin my time at the beach. Not even the crying to get out of bed or the seat in the car was going to stop me!


While in Puerto Rico, we met up with a friend of mine that I had met while blogging as my first time using blogger. It was so amazing to meet someone I had become friends with on the internet and I could meet her in her home country and we could hang out together! It was quite an amazing experience. AND we both happened to be pregnant together at the same time. Equally amazing!



Overall, Puerto Rico was a beautiful place. I wish I had more pictures, but due to my inability to allow people to have taken pictures of me being pregnant, there were not many more pictures!

On our last day, I was extremely sun burnt and when we arrived back in New York City, my feet had swelled up due to flying, I couldn’t walk because of my sciatic nerve pain and my face and body were bright red. I had to ask for a wheel chair in order to get out of the terminal and I would say the site of me probably scared little children. I was not a happy camper!!!!!!!

It took a few weeks for my sciatic nerve pain to go away and I could walk and sleep without pain (the baby finally moved). But oh my goodness, I felt like death that day at the airport!


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7 thoughts on “SOL: Sun Burn, Sciatic Nerve Pain and Pregnant = What a Vacation

  1. Well, at least you were able to come away with a fun memory! I was lucky not to have sciatic pain while pregnant, or ever. But there’s no way I could have sat on a plane for house. My first baby was squishing my insides in a way that made it very uncomfortable to breathe when sitting.


  2. How wonderful that you met an internet friend face-to-face while vacationing! 😦 Pain and travel do not mix well; I know what you mean when you say “felt like death at the airport.”


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