Fruit Infused Water

Recently I have started placing fruits in my water at home and at school. I have done cucumbers, lines, lemons, strawberries, watermelon, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. 

When I am working, I feel like it is hard for me to drink more than a few cups of water. I recently switched to a bigger 24oz shakeology water bottle and then started adding in fruit so I would attempt to drink more. This has been working for the past two weeks now. Now my problem is at home. Who would have thought ? 

I realized that I need a big water bottle that I can take places with me. That’s the only way for me to master drinking water. 

When I was researching the benefits of having raspberries in my water, you wouldn’t believe the benefits ! 


  • Helps loss weight
  • Reduces wrinkles 
  • Prevents infections and cancer 
  • Promotes feminine health
  • Strengthens immune system 
  • High nutrient value 

To read more, go here

How crazy just by eating a few of these each day, all of those positive side effects can happen.  

DIY Crafts has some amazing recipes by season: 
If these are too complicated, throw some fruit into your cup and call it a day. It works the same and there is no prep with it. 

Try it! 


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