21 Day Fix

It’s here. 

I started. 

1st workout=done 

Sweating ! 

I never thought I would like at home videos but turns out I do! Especially the dvds that I can keep. 

They guarantee if you follow the regimen then you will see results. I bought this package just with what you see in the box, I should have done the shakes but I didn’t want to spend almost $200. 

But now that I have the videos, I of course want the shakes. 

My problem with shakes was trying to make them at school. I barely have time to breathe let alone make a shake and then wash out the blender. So that was a fail. 

But, if I make them at home and drink them before or after working out at home and I am mostly working out at home, then it could be beneficial. 

I was having a hard time actually getting myself to work out. I felt like the computer was hard because it was small.  Then my daughter was running all over the place while I was trying to workout. Or I was self conscious of my husband watching me workout. All these things I kept stopping and not doing it. 

What they really were: excuses. 

Now it’s been a few times since doing t25 at home and everyone is used to it happening for 25-30 min a day and I feel better at what I am doing.  

Day 1 check. 

We shall see how the rest goes ! 


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