SOL: Mid Winter Blues

(Washington state)

It’s so pretty right ?

But how about onto month 4 of this……….. not so pretty! Because I am now over the prettiness of the snow and I want the warm and the beach and the OUTDOORS!!!!!!

(Puerto rico) 


There are only so many boots and so many sweaters and so many socks that I can wear. I am a sandal person for life. You would think I had grown up in Florida but yet I continue to live places where it is cold most of the year. 

I am yearning for nights when I can sit outside or Sunday’s when I can bring Hailey for a bike ride. Or days when we can go to the beach. Or even recesses when we can walk outside ! 

The ground hog saw his shadow and it snowed for 48 hours straight. AH!!

I miss the color GREEN.

I miss flowers!!!!! 

I need LIFE on my trees 


Mid winter blues. 

Anyone else over winter ?! 

What do you miss about warmer weather ????

Join Slice of Life writing. Thanks Two Writing Teachers! 


17 thoughts on “SOL: Mid Winter Blues

  1. I am not yet there yet, but close. I do miss the colors and life of Spring. But I also think that the long winters make me appreciate Spring even more when it arrives … and it will arrive. There’s some solace in that fact.


  2. We have not had a significant snow yet. Today it was warm and very humid…very unseasonable. I would love to have one snow and then it can skip straight to summer! Beautiful pictures – much better than cornfields of Indiana!


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