Nursing Covers Multiple Uses = Mommy Win


How pretty is this!?

When I had Hailey, I never felt comfortable about breast feeding in public. I also had nothing to cover her up when I was breast feeding only one of her blankets, it was only me having to go into another room where no one was around to do it. It wasn’t until recently that i started realizing that there were so many things out there to help mom’s like me in this situation where you really have nothing to help you awkwardly lift up your shirt and try to get everything situated most likely with a child in your hands!

I recently discovered a company called Covered Goods™. Along with finding them, I found their amazing multi-use nursing cover that gives you all the benefits that the traditional covers do… and more!

Some of the features that the nursing cover includes are:

  • also functions as a car seat cover, scarf, and shopping cart cover
  • provides true ALL OVER COVERAGE front and back
  • made of comfortable, stretchy fabric
  • takes seconds to put on and take off
  • it is fashionable
  • And more!

There are so many colors and designs: Solid designPrints, Stripes, and Mismatch. This is seriously so amazing. I remember just using an infant blanket to cover up myself in the bathroom or in a public place and there are so many things that can go wrong with a blanket – wind, child, people, movement, dropping bottle, blanket falling, and the list goes on. With the Covered Goods Nursing cover it is almost like a scarf where you can cover yourself and be fashionable at the same time and since it is round, there would be no way for it to blow off or fall off. I find myself always asking this question, but why did I not know about this when I was pregnant?! 


Not only is this fashion piece helpful to breastfeeding moms, but one of the best parts is that this piece does not need to go back in your “pregnancy clothes” box (I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has something like this!). You can wear it any time. I have been wearing it as a scarf and because it is round, it almost is exactly like the infinity scarf. That was one thing I was worried about when pregnant was buying too many clothes because they were just going to go back in that dreadful box of my big clothes and they would stay there until the next child!

This will not be going in my pregnancy box and I will continue to wear this until jacket season is gone!

They are a good investment – there are so many uses for it and even when you are done breast feeding, you can still use it. For us mom’s, this is huge, you can’t say that for many other products.



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