Opinion Writing Mentor Texts

A coworker and I were brain storming on some mentor texts to use for opinion writing and character analysis. We came to the conclusion that our curriculum book didn’t have any lasting characters that we could even remember to talk about so the kids surely would not remember. 

We found those four books and each of them have lasting characters and all learn a lesson. They can be used for different strategies besides just opinion writing. That is huge when buying books for me. I know Amazon makes them so cheap and so easy to get but if I can only use them once then sometimes it’s not worth it to buy. 

We needed to have a writing lesson for our national boards and we felt that there was not enough materials and resources to have a good lesson. These books I bought have really great characters in them to use as a compare/contrast, teach character traits, to use for opinion on if they would have handled the situation the same why or why not, etc. 

Based on the scenerios in the story, the kids can relate to some of them and the others are interesting with good characters. I am excited for next week to read all of these books!!!!


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