WubbaNub Saved My New Mommy Sanity

Isn’t he the cutest little thing you ever did see ?! 

Well my daughter thought so too but she had a lamby. She also had a giraffe one but only her one true love was lamby. 

Lamby was a WubbaNub that I saw at Buy Buy Baby one day when I was shopping to get ready for my first girl.  It was so cute and right in the front of the store next to the cash register just staring at you calling you name since they were so cute! 

I picked it up because it as so cute I figured we could use it at some point, not knowing to what extent of use it really would be ! 

The WubbaNub is meant for 0-6 month old infants with no teeth. It is a soothing Binkie and it is easy for them to grab, nearly impossible to lost (even In a crazy messy bag like mine) and it is the babies first friend. 

Hailey love, love, loved her WubbaNub binkie. She held onto it with her death grip and it was at some points if we didn’t have it with us wherever we were going, we had to go back. This caused us to buy two, just in case, but like I said, she loved the lamby and there was nothing else like it. 

Isn’t that funny how kids become attached to something way before they are even able to say any words at all?

By the time she outgrew the WubbaNub because the binkie part was really meant for babies with no teeth and she had started to get some in, she’s insisted it stay in her toys. If I went searching now, I can guess it would be in her toy box but she would never let me get rid of it.

What a life saver this was I tell you, trying to get her to fall asleep, it has little beads inside of the feet and it is slightly weighted so leaving it on her while she falls asleep was soothing but then taking it out as she is asleep. It really helped soothe her. Another instance was in the car, she was able to hold onto it and it made her feel safe. 

If you have not purchased one for your new born and are missing your sanity, order one right now. I would not steer you wrong! If you are going to be a mommy, I suggest you get them, they are so, so adorable and really helpful. You will see !!! 


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