Sick Daddy + Sick Baby = Crazy Mommy


This weekend has been exactly like this. Along with the fact that its winter and there is not much to do here during the winter weekends unless you ski, which I don’t.

Husband has been sick, daughter has had stomach issues, and then here I am cleaning the house, and trying to go to the gym to get out of the house -it’s just been not a lot of fun.

Maybe it’s just me but sometimes these weekends happen – where there is just nothing fun to do. And I am not meaning like super exciting things, just like stuck in the house and the house is getting old from being inside of it every single weekend! It’s kind of like inside recess for the kids as teacher. Seriously gets old!  I just want to go outside! And not freeze to death.

It doesn’t help that everyone is sick and there is nothing to do! Maybe this is what winter depression is. Being stuck inside for months where you go to the gym for fun to get out of the house and have someone else watch your kid for one hour. Winter sucks. I know I am just complaining now, but I feel like I am probably not the only person that feels this way. There have to be plenty of mom’s who feel the same way I do and maybe even more so for stay at home moms.

All the odds pointing to a crazy mommy!!

How much longer is winter?!



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