UGG Rain Boots vs. Hunter Rain Boots

This past month, I have attempted to buy Hunter Rain boots 3 different times. 

Online and two different times from people on Facebook.  I tried them on. I tried a 7 then I tried an 8. I don’t get why the boot are so bulky and heavy on the feet. Then the calf part was too small for the 7 – like a suction cup to my leg. Then I tried the 8- perfect around my fat calf and then humongous at the feet. 

I could have went to Nordstrom and tried them on and spent $160 on them and got the wife calf – but who has time for that ? And who wants to spend $160 on them? Not me. 

I returned the hunter boots to zappos – which let me tell you were green not black like I thought I had ordered, another fail on my part. I started to search google for boots like hunter boots 

I knew I needed nice rain boots. I have to wear them every day in the winter so it had to happen. 

Then I discovered that UGG makes rain boots ! Amazing. 

And they looked very much like the hunter boot. Win win? 

They were on Amazon and super easy to get. I ordered a 7. And they came very quick. 

They fit! Amazing. 

The boots had a comfy pillow like bottom inside the boot. This was perfect since my other rain boots kept my feet freezing. 

I am sad I couldn’t get the hunter ones but this was a good choice and way cheaper, $80. 

Check them out. Seriously worth it. 

UGG rain boots 


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