love-4We met one day on a whim

I cannot explain the feeling of why

But from the first time I saw you,

You were the apple of my eye.


It’s been a short time I know,

But I am absolutely clear

That I’m not letting go,

I will shout it loud for all to hear.


Not something I would do,

Not something I would risk

But for some reason I just know you

Are the only man I want to kiss.


Not just a kiss on the cheek or to say hello

But good morning, goodnight and

Everywhere you want go.

My lips keep saying your name in a demand.


You’re sick today and probably when you wake,

I just want you to know I am here to stay,

I’m not asking much at all, this is not fake,

Help keep this love afloat and don’t let it decay.


Keep me close, don’t let me drift far,

I am yours and you are mine.

In the sky you are my shooting star

I want you to know that I love you all the time.



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