In Celebration of MLK


The meaning of Martin Luther King Jr day on either side of the country has completely different meaning.

On the west coast in my city, it just another day. It does not have as much meaning I noticed where as when I taught in NYC in the south Bronx, it had so much more meaning. I tried this year to impose some history of the day on my 3rd graders and I hope I did it justice, but it just gives a different vibe, and different meaning. I know it is because of the demographics, but I just wish there could be such passion about important days like this throughout the country where it does not depend on demographics or locations.

What an important man to remember and such courageous and bold statements done peacefully. It was a different time in the world where freedom of speech had a different meaning and protesting had a different meaning and people handled things differently.

What an amazing time of change to be apart of.

We celebrate this day.



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